Random Downloads; Cold Sun- Dark Shadows (1970)

Here we have Cold Sun and their sole album, Dark Shadows. A Random Download, I don’t recall where I found it. It took me a minute to get into this album but it has a special psychedelic quality that is quite appealing.
Obscure, recorded in Austin Texas around 1970 and released in 1989 (Last FM), this is truly an underground gem, 91%, highly recommended.

supposedly an underground psychedelic classic
Sorry for the lack of a streaming album, but below is a YouTube link to the full album.
Cold Sun – Dark Shadows 1970 [Full Album]: http://youtu.be/E6yda2KE59w


Random Download Game; Gaston- What Time Does Your Train Leave Today?

It’s time for the Random Download game! The reason is that Legos Lord of the Rings recently came out for iPad and has subsequently consumed much of my free time
” post rock with jazz influences from Berlin ” reads my notes… what does that mean?
Ok, that was a decent introduction for this band. I’ve been listening to this album almost nonstop since I downloaded it yesterday, mellow and instrumental with a strong dreamy aspect and thick background that could almost be coined soundscape. Lying somewhere between post rock and math, but such a bland labeling doesn’t do this quintet justice, highly recommended and excellent mood music for the afternoon session, 91%.


(Last FM)


Post-Rock Downloads of a Random Sort

As I said Wednesday, I’ve been experiencing writer’s block of a sort, so I am doing a Post-Rock Random Download post today.

Download 1
DL 1, Lotus, Monks
Lame. No clue why it is tagged post rock, more hip hop than anything.

Download 2
DL2 Further Down
Further Down is a Czech college student playing a piano cover of a Cult of Luna album… It’s good, and different.

Download 3
DL 3 Fura
Fura, good math rock, a few influences heard too strongly, but still an excellent album, especially for the ride in to work. The clear winner of this selection.


Random Downloads- Mistur, Aosoth and Sorghegard

I get tired of the music I have on my phone download and a few albums at time, no rhyme nor reason, just seeking out something new, figure others might want to check out the random downloads;

dl 1
Mistur- Solid Black Metal, though short of original, a bit reminicent of Emperor and Obtained Enslavement.

dl 2
Aosoth- Easily the best album of the lot, pretty good black metal from France, and one of the better albums of this year.

dl 4
Sorghegard- Standard Black Metal, good, satanic with blast beats galore.


Random Download ; Absu- 3/31/1994 Rehearsal

Today is Random Downloads Day and today’s selection I found over at ascoven, an Absu rehearsal tape from 1994. This recording is slightly muddy and imperfect blackened death from Texas… This is a must have for the collector of early 90’s metal and fans of Absu. Excellent background music, lacking lyrics except for a couple songs, though not for everyone I really like it, 84%



Random Download; Vinter II (2010)

Vinter II is a Swedish folk/layered-soundscape/psych album that I came across over at SpaceRockMountain. An interesting album, mellow, moody, erie, pagan and hard to listen to in the daytime, although it is defiantly one for the digital collection.
This album is so moody that the majority of the time it won’t be appealing, but once in a while, in the proper setting, this would be an excellent listen. Middle of the night, in the woods, alone, with a few too many dabs… It would rate a solid 98% (in that setting).
However, that is a rare experience in real life and so the intense mood of this album detracts somewhat, but as a free release it is a must have; 84%.


Random Downloads; Lustration- Psymbolik (2012)

Today we have a Lustration’s Psymbolik, a full length album released last year.
I found this over at OnlyAnalogIsReal, an Australian blackened/thrash metal band, this is their debut album and it is incredible. A metal masterpiece with an actual drummer!
I’m so tired of the damn drum machines, true, they have their place, but it is refreshing to hear new black metal being playing fast and loud. The entire band plays well together and this is defiantly one of the best metal albums to come out recently with analog production, excellent guitar riffs and blast beats, highly recommended, 92%.


Not from this album, but here is a live video



Random Download Game; Penance- Bridges to Burn (1998)

It’s time for the Random Download Game! This has yielded some truely great finds such as Tortoise and Baby Woodrose among others, however, this is not one of those days. A demo released back in 1998 that seems to have taken the crappy influences of that decade and crammed them all into one big pile, kinda like cleaning out a horse stall.
Wretched is the only way to explain it. This is some sort of Butt-Rock hybred and these guys had eyebrow piercings, I’m sure. The riffs are generic and basic, the vocalist is the same, almost a cover band of radio rock. He talks about his “pain” way too much, this is crap doom, 55%.


I wasn’t able to find a YouTube video of any of the songs on this demo, but I did manage to find another of their songs which isn’t quite as bad, but gives a good idea of the sound that the demo has;


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women Experts and Galloping Shadow- Winters Web (2012)

I’ve noticed that if a woman is as a qualified expert in any given field that she instinctually believes that she is an expert in all fields of everything. I’m not even being rude, it’s just true. Anything they don’t believe themselves knowledgable in, is labeled as “stupid”.
Black Metal? Stupid. Frisbee Golf? Stupid. Potato Guns? Stupid.

For today’s black metal we have an obscure bit of USBM, Galloping Shadow, the solo project of He Who Gnashes Teeth, half of the Bone Awl duo.
While there is a scathing review on Metallum, which, might have some valid points… However, I like Bone Awl.
Most of the criticisms I hear are observations of their musical style phrased as negative remarks; simplistic, punk-styled black metal with muddy recording… Which is their style, it’s like saying “That bear shits in the woods”.
The “muddy”, lo-fi, analog recordings arent easy to make sound right, and if one doesnt like punk or old, old black metal, or lo-fi/analog, then Bone Awl is not going to be appealing. It seems as if people hate on them because so many love them, so thus they can’t be good because their following isn’t totally underground.
This is new music, new riffs, new songs, done in the original ‘Bone Awl’ style, and while not for everyone, this is an obscure album and a definite must-have for fans of Bone Awl; 81%.