Random Tag Game; Agitated Radio Pilot- The Ebb and Flow of Moonlit Grass (2010)

Agitated Radio Pilot’s The Ebb and Flow of Moonlit Grass… Ok, wow. “Mind-fuck” is the term that describes this album. It’s all over the place taking the listener on a rambling but interesting and relaxing trip. A project that flirts the boarders of psychedelic and ambient and lo fi, I listened to this album almost nonstop for three days after I downloaded it, defiantly a Random Tag winner.
Agitated Radio Pilot is the creation of an Irishman named David Colohan who has been in a bunch of bands that I’ve not heard of but am defiantly going to check out, like Holt, United Bible Studies and The Magical Folk of the Faraway Tree. This songs in this album were written about dude’s time spent backpacking around Australia and the instruments include clap sticks, 5 string banjo, mringdam, lap steel guitar, Hmong tuen flute and mandocello, which are blend together into a relaxed, chill album. Mellow mood music, perfect for the gravity session on a sweltering afternoon, 91%.
And yes, I’ve been slacking again. This last week has been pretty busy and so Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been delayed, but will be back next week.




Streaming Sunday; Amplifier- Live In Barcelona 10/05/13

Streaming Sunday is about listening to new bands, sometimes it’s hit and sometimes a miss, but at least it’s something different. This week’s selection isn’t my cup of tea, but I can see some people really digging this band, thus making it a true and impartial Streaming Sunday.

Amplifier is a Space/ Progressive Rock band from Manchester. They’ve been around since the late 90’s and have four albums out and four other releases. Admittedly, this is a Random Tag, it was popular on Bandcamp and they seem to have a big following, so it looked like a safe bet… the band itself is good, and the music isn’t bad, per se. But, the vocals are way too prominent and the sound leans more towards progressive and real old space rock. Honestly, the vocals are too loud and kinda spoil the overall sound, not really digging it, 76%.


Random Tag Game; Popetentacle- Spirit of Yod (2012)

It’s time for the Random Tag Game again! Today’s selection seems to be … Which I have no recollection of other than it’s been hanging around as a skeleton post for months. Pope Tentacle? Is that a slang term for what the alter boys aren’t supposed to talk about? Whatevesies, I’ll investigate and report.
Ok, this is some cool stuff. I thought it’d be a dud, but it is really good synth with eastern leanings. Experimental and Drone are the tags on it And there is no information on these guys. Like none. Not even on Last FM.
Which is real cool. Let the music speak for itself. 88%



Random Split- Absolutist/ Abest (2013)

While browsing the blogosphere I come across random tags that seem interesting at the time, thus the idea behind the Random Tag Game. Today I came across a random split, it was labeled vaguely under the “post” tag, I decided to give it a try because I love splits. This one I stumbled across over at MissTheStars, which gave a glowing review, which was overly generous to say the least.
It’s odd how often I am at a loss to adequately describe a good album but criticisms flow easily. This split, for instance, is ruined by the vocals. This is a split of two sub-genre bands with radio vocalists. Besides for being too passionate, both song’s vocals mask rudimentary instrumentals. Abest’s track starts out pretty good, flirting with really great. Then the growled vocals kick in with a new “hard” riff, then the song really goes downhill. Absolutist doesn’t even start out with a decent riff, it’s like some high school football players made a song after practice. 60% (which is still a bit generous).



Ghost Drone, people-eaters- Imprecate (2013)

A beautiful fall day here in Central Florida, breezy, sunny and 80 degrees with low humidity. After five months of putrid heat and humidity the weather has broken at just the moment when everyone was ready to move to the Artic. This is like the first day of spring for the rest of the country. Great day to be alive.
Flipping through an old photo album I find skateboarding pictures from an abandoned go-cart track. In the same manner I found a new genre. Ghost Drone is totally new on me, I just happened across it on a random Bandcamp search. Wiki doesn’t have a definition, though it seems tagged often with dark ambient.

Ok, that was stupid of me to wonder what that was going to sound like. I am pretty sure that is what I am going to hear when I die. Not as I am dying, but what I hear when I’m actually dead… Erie, low, creepy drone. If ghosts were to make drone, I think this is how it would sound. Actually, I want to call this a classic Ghost Drone album because I can’t imagine a more Ghost Drone album than this.
As for the actual music, it is hard to quantify slightly less than twenty minutes of low relaxing buzzing… perfect for the drive home after a long week, 81%.

Ghost Drone



Sacremento EP (2012)

It is time for the Random Tag Game! Today we have a Basque psychedelic/stoner rock band, mellow, psychedelic and relatively unknown, this is a great EP. Destine to be a cult classic like many of the european psychedelic bands of the early 70’s (like Ash Ra Tempel). A psych masterpiece, the band plays well togather and the recording itself hasn’t been over produced with a pleasing flow. Also, everything associated with this band is in a language that I don’t read, possibly Spanish, which doesnt detract from the music in the slightest. Easy to leave on repeat, this is perfect mood music for the early morning session, 94%.
(And it is a free download)



Finnish Death Metal: Belial- Wisdom of Darkness (1992)

Time for another round of the Random Tag Game! Today it’s “Finnish Death Metal” which has yielded Belial and a monstrous work of Blackened Death. Back in 1992 Black Metal hadn’t yet crystallized as a genre, it was growing out of death metal circles and this album captures that moment beautifully, with great blast beats and growled vocals, a stellar EP from a little known band; 92%.
Apparently they went in a somewhat mainstream direction later in the band’s career according to this Metallum review, but this release is defiantly quality.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women’s Tastes in Music and Hexvessel

It’s absurd that the majority of America is happy listening to the same 100 songs made by retards whom are talented ass kissers, not musicians. While plenty of men are guilty of this, women embrace this as a rule. Their taste in music comes out of fashion magazines. They think everything sucks unless some Jewish advertising executive labels it is as “good”, mass distributed and broadcast on 80% of the radio stations, the “artists” are as full of talent as a urinal.
Seriously, few women actually judge music based upon it’s merits. Rather, they have to be told the music is good in order for them to consider it “good”. That’s why there are so few females at any type of “show”, weather it be punk, metal or even ska. Of course, there are the notable exceptions like big shows with popular scene bands, where the girls come to dress-up, talk to the other girlfriends that came along to “the show”, which for them is more about a social gathering than it is about music, and the only reason they listen to said music is because someone told them it was good. It is rare to be turned on to new bands by a female, and while there are notable exceptions to this broad generalization, I can’t think of any.

Hexvessel, No Holier Temple (2012)

Concidering the size of the dump I just took, I would have thought that I’d be receptive to a folk/prog-rock-ish band from Finland. But, I was wrong. While not black metal per se, Metallum tags them as “psychedelic neofolk” with paganism being among their lyrical themes which qualified them for a slot on Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday. (This was a Random Tag also.)
This is an album that flirts the borders of “Ahead of It’s Time” and “crap”, but ends up on the crap side. There is way too much folk and while they have the psychedelia folk tag, there is no sort of “psychedelia” present. Long songs and short songs, but all flirt with good and become dead-ends. This is really just new age folk, 63%.

And now a place very un-black metal, bright, sunny and where no profanity is allowed;
Lake Seneca, Florida

Svarte Greiner- Knife (2006)

I’m not the only one to say it, but there have been almost no good metal albums released this year, so in my wanderings through the blogosphere I came across an ambient/doom band, Svarte Greiner. Ambient/doom/soundscape, a solo project of some Norwegian guy that is somewhat well-known because of another band he is in that, I haven’t heard of either.
Dark, creepy, doom influenced soundscape, well produced and slow. Intense mood music, the type of album that is to be played on a dark, rainy night with a horror movie playing on mute… While mood-music to the extreme, it still rates an 83% because it is excellent, at certain times.

Last FM




Yo La Tengo- I’m Not Afraid of You and I’ll Beat Your Ass (2006)

A random tag must have attracted me to this band, because it has sat on the back burner for over a month, this album has two jam-session songs and easiest to describe as shoe-gaze/psychedelic jam-type band.
Listening to this I am amazed that I had never heard of these guys before, and while the influences of The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead are heard, but not dominant. Quite a good album, 88%, recommended.

Wiki article

iTunes (sorry, couldn’t find a free download)