Review of the Reviews; Drudkh- Autumn Aurora (2004)

Originally this album was slated for a recent Random Downloads, however, the volume and polarity of the reviews prompted a closer look and a new category of posts; Review of the Reviews.
Drudkh, Autumn Aurora, 2004.
Got to love them, a quality album from 2004. Classic Black Metal, a perfect introduction to the genre, from the Ukraine playing a unique, epic style of black/ pagan metal that most metal heads love with a small minority vehemently hating them.

One review starts out, “It’s my job to clue you all in: Drudkh sucks. More to the point, Drudkh has ALWAYS sucked, and even their oldest material is no exception…. play generic Slavic folk melodies, and repeat themselves over and over again and you people will buy it because you have no standards. (Noktorn). Ok, I wasn’t aware that you are the Black Metal King, passing judgement on metal albums, telling us uninformed peasants what is good metal and what sucks. Homeboy needs to go back to watching Monday Night Football and listening to Kid Rock because his attitude is more in line with mass-marketed bullshit. After that tirade who cares what he thinks about the album?

Another review is bubbly and giddy over the album, “If you are looking for a black metal album packed to the brim with relentless blast beats, evil sounding guitars with unrelenting distortion that refuse to touch a major scale and over the top wails, this isn’t your album. If you are looking for the perfect atmosphere and originality, you won’t be disappointed. This is an absolute classic of the black metal genre, and certainly deserves all the attention it gets.” (Dystopia4) Too warm, too glowing, he gave the album a 99%, which is too high. That’s basically saying that there aren’t better black metal albums than this.

I argue that this is a Classic black metal album exploring new territory and sounds. It is mellower and more atmospheric than most in the genre, which makes it more listenable with a relaxing undercurrent to the entire work, 90%.

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