RunnAmuckS- Clawing Back

“I was wondering why they brought the BB gun with them on tour.”
The RunnAmuckS are a post thrash-punk band from Orlando, FL, having been around since 1996 their sound has evolved over time, but Clawing Back is my favorite of their albums and a good representation of the band’s sound. On the Brink (the youtube link) is from 2001 and reminiscent of the band’s earlier years.
Recordings are good, most of the RunnAmuckS are done on singer and guitarist Josh Danger Dobb’s reel to reel, with which he produces an exceptional and very fitting sound, but the RunnAmuckS have always been a great band to see live also.
For a long time the RunnAmuckS were only one of a handful of bands in Orlando that played shows and were worth seeing. Shows were social events because there were so few of them and they were played in small venues often with low ceilings that produced great sound with almost a physical aspect to the music that makes it come alive.
With eight tours around the US and Canada, the RunnAmuckS wore out one hurricane-battered van, and on one such tour a scholastic debate took place concerning BB guns and car windows…
The answer?
Don’t Mess Texas. The debate was quickly resolved by numerous sheriff’s deputies with drawn shotguns blocking the entire interstate.
Clawing Back