Nonsun- Good Old Evil (2012)

Every once in a while an album comes out that is so incredible that I can’t resist but to jump on the bandwagon, and in this case it’s a demo. I had another post planned for today, but I couldn’t sleep and around 3 am I came across this gushing review and remembered that I had recently downloaded the same demo, and yeah, it’s that good.
A Ukrainian sludge/drone duo self-released this dark masterpiece last year, remember the year that the world was supposed to end, again? Why would anyone think that the Mayan had some sort of special knowledge of doomsday? Not to be mean, but these are the same people whose civilization ended because they were tricked by Spanish pig farmers… I’m sure they were very nice people, but it was absolutely moronic to listen to their prophesies.
But anyway, this is a great album, a very strong album in general and defiantly worth a listen, 89%.



MC5 – Kick Out The Jams (1969)

Everyone has heard of MC5, a psychedelic rock band from the late 60’s, they were the band of the late sixties. Granted, they are mood music to an extent, some days this album will sound like the best psychedelic rock album of the 60’s. And other days the Rock and roll and blues influences sound way too strong compelling me not to listen to this albums for long stretches.
A critic back in the 60’s blasted several other bands calling them “shit” in comparison to MC5. Such a rude and militant opinion has always struck me as humorous, however, there have been days where I totally agree with the guy. A difficult album to pin down with any blanket statement, this is defiantly a should-hear band and a classic in every sense of the word, 92%.


Anal Cunt

This has been a week of dealing with insurance adjusters and silly questions, like “How hard did she hit you?” And my favorite, “He hit her pretty hard, but how hard did she hit you after that?” Pretty fucking hard I tell you, but the dollar value is vague on that point I guess.
Besides for my adventures of the vehicular kind I have been at a bit of a loss as what to post, while sitting at the dog park enjoying the splendid weather of a picturesque central Florida spring it strikes me that Anal Cunt would be the perfect post for today; loud, intense grind core/hardcore with purposely offensive lyrics and short songs full of blast beats.
Wiki provides an decent description of Anal Cunt, but essentially it is the hardcore parallel to G.G. Allin, full of funny lyrics and song titles like “Recycling is Gay”, and more offensive ones. While not my favorite album, it is one for the digital collection and defiantly a “should hear” band, even if it is just be able to claim to hate them. 78%


Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis was a paranoid schizophrenic from Chicago playing what could be described as punk… sort of. His songs are bizarre three cord rants about random aspects of his everyday life.
Seriously, this guy is awesome. I first heard him while out in the Redwoods, everyone hates him at first, I know I did, however, the bizarre rants in three chord punk style songs, are very appealing. Catchy at least.
He died in 2003 of something fatal, his greatness lives on through his music; 90%

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Darkthrone- A Blaze in the Northern Sky (1992)

Here we have what is widely considered to be one of Darkthrone’s best albums, a classic I would label as “True Norwegian Black Metal”, and by that I mean that this is a sampling of that time.
As I said in an earlier post, it seems like everyone likes to hate on Darkthrone for one thing or another. Like THIS review that the author lets slip that he really isn’t that into black metal and goes on to say that it is essentially not catchy enough for his tastes as compared to their later albums (yes, that astute complaint yet again)… yeah ok.
The other two negative reviews point out the weakness in this album such as the production and the riffs are a touch too long, which I can agree with.
Overall I think that Darkthrone is true mood music, or more correctly a mood-band. By this I mean that one has to be in the mood to listen to them, and then they are awesome. However, if one is not feeling black metal, Darkthrone can be outright annoying, which I think explains a lot of the negative reviews this band gets. Also, I consider this a “should hear” band because they are so indicative of Black Metal overall, I would even go so far as to recommend this album over some of Emperor’s albums because this has a raw sound that hasn’t been tweaked and over-produced.
I give this album a 91%, a strong classic, and a must have for those who collect black metal.


Wooden Shjips

Psychedelic Rock from San Francisco. Good Psychedelic Rock, but not “stunning” or “ground-breaking”. Psychedelic Rock is a hard genre for bands to be creative and put out new sounding music.
Thinking about it, Jefferson Airplane only had two really good songs and while Wooden Shjips isn’t that hit-and-miss some of their songs drag on a bit or have guitar riffs that are just a touch too long, which seems to be the main “space” influence that I hear, anyway.
While I don’t consider them a “must have”, I would defiantly call Wooden Shjips a “should hear” band. Some of their albums are harder to find for download, but I found a link for a live recording.