The marinade post and One Monstrous Ollie

Someone suggested that I post this recipe because it’s “yummy”, so here is a random post about food and video of some dude ollieing the epic flight of stairs in front of the Canadian embassy.
Beer Pork

Crystal hot sauce
Black pepper
Sea salt
Crushed red pepper
1 habanaro pepper
6 garlic cloves
1 bottle Brown ale
6 bottles Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Take a large bowl and pour in the brown ale and grind in some sea salt, around a teaspoon.
Slice, chop, mince and or crush the garlic cloves and add to the bowl along with a decent amount of honey, like a tablespoon, along with the same amount of crushed red pepper.
Add pepper
Either 1/2 habanaro or 1 red chili or 4 Cheyenne pepper, finely sliced.
Add pork and allow marinade to set for ten minutes.
Warm up grill, (375)
Put the pork on the grill and liberally coat with the marinade and first bottle of Sierra Nevada, which goes into the cook.
Flip the pork after five full minutes and coat again with the marinade
After five more minutes flip again and rinse pork with the rest of the bottle of Sierra Nevada and open another
Keep flipping and rinsing with beer every five minutes, somewhere around 20 minutes you should consider pulling it off the grill, depending on the thickness of the meat. The goal is to pull it off exactly when the center is cooked. The longer it stays on the grill from that magical point it drys out quickly.

Øresund Space Collective to listen to while you cook.

I’ve been slacking, should have a pic of pork marinading here, but I haven’t made this recipe in a minute, but it is the summer grill recipe, and this post has been lurking around since last summer, so here is a pic of Orlando’s jump tree instead.