Coffins- Mortuary in Darkness (2005)

Here we have Coffins hailing from Tokyo playing down-tuned, sludgy, slow-death/ funeral doom.
Mortuary in Darkness is an excellent album that doesn’t sit squarely in one genre, it explores the blurred territory between funeral and death metal. They avoid the pitfall of playing so slowly that the songs become painfully long, which turns many people away from funeral doom. The death metal influences are almost as strong as the former, with growled vocals that don’t overwhelm the songs making the entire album quite listenable. This release was nine years in the making, so it is a touch long, but I rate it at 92%.


Recently Ria brought over a couple of old Nutty Cock & Nuts Sodomy ‘zines she had stashed somewhere, so I’m going to share these also, piece-meal, over the next few weeks.
Ria put it well; “Wow, he [Das But] is really demented.”
So don’t say you haven’t been warned.