Church of Misery/ Sourvein split (2006)

Split-albums used to be the way underground bands got to “viral” status. Back in the pre-internet days they would introduce band’s fan-base to one another’s. Bands on tour would trade albums and merchandise along the way at different venues and a good show with two or three touring bands would end up becoming a miniature scene record shop for a few hours.

The Church of Misery / Sourvein split is a great example. I am somewhat familiar with Church of Misery. They are a psych/doom/sludge act hailing from Tokyo but are pretty much a European band. They always seem to be playing with some band that I know, like or love. Sourvein, I have “heard of” them, but can’t remember much other than that. Metallum labels them as sludge/doom which is correct.

This the quintessential split because starting out I knew little about either band and after listening to this album I am a fan of both. A sludgy, psychedelicy masterpiece that comes highly recommended 90%.

download and Bandcamp

Meth Drinker/ Moloch split (2013)

Meth Drinker and Moloch split, a killer combination of tortured New Zealand sludge/punk and rythmic and angry sludge from Nottingham.
Meth Drinker starts the split off with low and raw sludge that this New Zealand plays so well.
Moloch half of the split begins with a slow, low, dirty riff and threads its way to tortured vocals.
Great split, 86%.


500th post! Bongripper- Live at Roadburn (2012)

Slacking, took the week off. This new live album from Bongripper came as news to me even though it came out over a year ago. Recorded at the Roadburn festival in the Netherlands back in 2012, it was the first time they played in Europe. For those who don’t already know, Bongripper is stoner doom/sludge out of Chicago, and this release is the combination of two sets, and they play almost all their songs. This is an awesome album, the sound is deeper, richer and fuller than the studio recordings, displaying what I love about live albums, 96%.
Also jumping up out of nowhere is StoneoftheSwamp’s 500th post… whatevesies.



Russian Circles/ Inter Arma show at Will’s

I arrived an hour and a half after the show was supposed to start, and low and behold, just a fucking drum set on stage! What is with Florida shows and starting late? Will’s is pretty crowded tonight and the Virginia band that’s playing is busy slurping down the band beer, God, Miller beer sucks, poor guys. The crowd tonight doesn’t smell too bad and is the group one would expect for a post rock show; beards, glasses and lizardly looking women. I swear some of these bimbos put on their make-up with paintball guns.
Evidently… Evidently, I drank a lot of beer and my thoughts are somewhat muddled this morning, so I’ll wade into a cup of coffee and the rest of the review.
As I was saying, evidently Inter Arma didn’t agree with my assessment that the crowd didn’t stink too much because they lit a couple dozen sticks of incense stuck in a block of styrofoam before going on stage, which I guess was a discreet way of expressing their opinion of the venue. Anyway, they play a really good show. The vocalist is probably the strongest I’ve heard in person, when the microphone was plugged in, that is. Whoever was in charge of the sound system must have been drinking or had Down’s syndrome because besides for losing the vocals the sound clearly wasn’t right. One guitar was coming through too loud and the bass was way too low, but it was still a good set.
The next band was ok, but the sound was even more screwed so I retained my place at the bar sipping a “Belgium farm ale”, which was less than stellar. It occurred to me half way through that there was a reason I’d never heard of that beer before, so I reverted back to literally pissing my money away on Hopsecutioner.
Finally Russian Circles came on. And the sound was fucked. Besides for that it seemed that the band really wasn’t feeling it that night, so I left a little disappointed but with a new found respect for Inter Arma. All and all a pretty good show.


Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer: Towers (1998)

Past members of Sunn O))) and both their current members played with Burning Witch, so I assumed it would be good, Metallum rated it as 92% and I was thinking it would be a good album to check out, but I ended up disappointed. This album incorporates the exact aspects of doom and sludge that I don’t like. Hard to precisely describe, but the early doom and sludge has qualities akin to radio butt-rock; the vocals are too passionate and the guitar riffs are more down tuned than truly heavy. Honestly, I think people are more into Sunn O))) and this album floats around that fame like a piece of driftwood in the surf, 65%.

shady dl link, only one I could find



Jucifer Show at Will’s Pub review

Ok, I waited until 7 to start drinking so that I would not be totally annotated (spell-check, but I like it better) by the time a band was ready to play. However, that said, it is 10 o’clock and someone is finally starting the sound check for the show that was supposed to start at 9, so I am going to grab another beer and check these guys out.
Minutes later I return to report;
Wow, crap-o-la. I don’t know who was playing, but boy they brought out the rat-tails, I tell you. The crowd was so greasy I left after three songs and my second beer. All there was to report was Jucifer’s (I am guessing) wall of sound crap; wow, there was a lot of stuff there, stacked to the ceiling, a lot for a two piece, but I heard that they are incredibly loud. I suppose I should have stayed and heard them play, but I was in genuine fear that if I stood near those people too long I would contract some odd affliction like scabies or lice.


iTunes Roulette; Boris- Pink (2005)

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday for Relationship Advice Wednesday, I got bogged down at work and didn’t have time to complete it, so it has been delayed a week. My apologies, I know everyone looks forward to my tirades on Wednesdays.
Onwards to iTunes Roulette, this week the ball lands on Boris and their album Pink. This album is on my iTunes because I got it from my friend M, and I’ve never really listened to them much for whatever reason, however, they came up on Roulette and here we are. Boris is almost unknown to me so I am relying on Wiki for information on this one.
An experimental rock/sludge/doom/drone/psychedelic that arose out of the Tokyo punk/underground scene of the early 90’s, which doesn’t do them justice, and neither do the mediocre bios on YouTube and LastFM and Bandcamp…
The best way to explain is to liken their sound to a hot-knife session during trim season, in the valley; Really good if you are in the mood for it and have nothing pressing to do with your time. If in a rush, this band with their meandering songs and a style floating across genres can be maddening, which is why I haven’t gotten into them before. In true iTunes Roulette spirit though I am starting to dig this band and rate this album at 82%



SOURVEIN- Black Fangs (2011)

Sourvein is an old sludge/doom band originally from Cape Fear Beach, North Carolina, and this is their latest full length album, Black Fangs. They have splits with Bongzilla and Buzz’ven, bla bla bla typical stoner/sludge, while new, it is over produced with too clean a sound and trampling over the same old ground. And the album is too long. It would have been much better without the filler. It is a 25 minute collection of material streached out to twice that.
For fans of the genre it is ok, the first song, Fangs, is my favorite of the album. However, it is even a bit too much even for a fan; the length is obviously influenced by some record company twit and at times it sounds like the Rolling Stones trying to play Sludge, with obvious grasps at recreating an half forgotten old sound. 70%

streaming on bandcamp


Cavity- Drowning (1996)

Today we have Cavity’s Drowning, an old and forgotten album, or so I thought.
Cavity is a sludge band out of Miami, split up for a decade now, they formed in 1992 emerging from Maimi’s punk scene “used hardcore as a springboard while incorporating heavier riffs and a thicker sound” (Last FM) resulting in Sludge.
Cavity released a bunch of singles, which ultimately ended up in this, the Drowning compilation released in 1996. A classic early south Florida sludge album, long out of print that almost no one remembers, right?
Wrong. Yes, few people remember this album, because look, can’t even find all the songs on YouTube. However, someone did take the time to make sure that all the links for this obscure album in .rar and .zip formats for free download, have been removed. All of them. Rapidshare, Mediafire, even depositfile… but YouTube is ok?
Part of why I started this blog was so that I would have basically a cloud storage of my favorite music, via any smart phone or computer (no, I’m not doing it to be cool. I’m already cool enough). The past couple months I have found myself listening to steaming music more and downloading virtually nothing…
It appears to me that technology is making this “downloading is stealing” idea obsolete because everything is available streaming now. To everyone’s phones.
So, regulation has caught up and shut the door on the illegal downloading at just the moment in time when that same music is available to everyone.
The world is changing around us as I form these words, we must adapt; the era of free downloading seems to be ending, so not all posts will have download links, however, all will have streaming links of one form or another. (After all the whole point of music is for it to be heard.)
I apologise, I liked it the way it was before too, I will try and find download links for at least half the posts anyway.