High On Fire show at Will’s Pub

High On Fire played the other day up at Will’s, I got up there just as they started playing, and the place was packed. Full of rat tails, hipsters and chubber-wubbers. In fact, one thick girl I saw had a portrait of herself dressed as a princess tattooed on her leg. Talk about a warning sign, wow, she might as well wear a sign saying “I’m a pain in the ass”. Now, I’m no beauty, but I had to note that High on Fire attracted an exceptionally ugly crowd. Not violent or anything like that, just really not good looking people. Seriously. On a scale of one to ten, with five being average, the majority of the crowd would have been around the 2-3 range, like, just short of obvious physical deformations. Even for Orlando this was a notable gathering of uggos, I didn’t even get a beer because I didn’t want to wade through the horde of sweaty, ugly people, brushing against me with their hair and their sweat… Gross.
The band was clearly having a good time, as was everyone else. While it was a fun show, the sound was so poor I wouldn’t call it a “good” show. The sound was so clean it could have been a CD playing and the drummer was barely audible. But, the enthusiasm was there, and Will’s is always a decent venue, so it wasn’t bad at all.



500th post! Bongripper- Live at Roadburn (2012)

Slacking, took the week off. This new live album from Bongripper came as news to me even though it came out over a year ago. Recorded at the Roadburn festival in the Netherlands back in 2012, it was the first time they played in Europe. For those who don’t already know, Bongripper is stoner doom/sludge out of Chicago, and this release is the combination of two sets, and they play almost all their songs. This is an awesome album, the sound is deeper, richer and fuller than the studio recordings, displaying what I love about live albums, 96%.
Also jumping up out of nowhere is StoneoftheSwamp’s 500th post… whatevesies.



Judd Madden- Glacial

Judd Madden is an instrumental solo project out of Melbourne, Australia playing stoner doom low and slow. Stoner metal is a genre that has been well explored and full of cover-bands-with-different-lyrics, so it is a pleasant surprise to come across such a listenable album. The sound is thick and rich, so layered and enveloping that it almost has a soundscape nature. Excellent music for the background, though a bit too long and a touch too epic, 86%.



Bong- … Yet Another Dose (2013)

New Bong. Enjoy. Well sorta new. Jams that didn’t make the cut for their next album, they released these out takes last month. Either way, Bong is a new notable band out of the UK playing psychedelic stoner/drone. Absolutely killer band, great session music. I never really “got” hookah sessions until I heard this band, that’s how psych they are.
Instrumental, droning and heavy, they are one of the reasons why I want to make it to the Roadburn festival… But I also keep meaning to make it to the Emerald Cup yet never do, so I am likely just talking shit here. Anyway, I rate this release at 85%, because while good music from a great band, it is apparent that this isn’t quite perfection.

Cavity- Drowning (1996)

Today we have Cavity’s Drowning, an old and forgotten album, or so I thought.
Cavity is a sludge band out of Miami, split up for a decade now, they formed in 1992 emerging from Maimi’s punk scene “used hardcore as a springboard while incorporating heavier riffs and a thicker sound” (Last FM) resulting in Sludge.
Cavity released a bunch of singles, which ultimately ended up in this, the Drowning compilation released in 1996. A classic early south Florida sludge album, long out of print that almost no one remembers, right?
Wrong. Yes, few people remember this album, because look, can’t even find all the songs on YouTube. However, someone did take the time to make sure that all the links for this obscure album in .rar and .zip formats for free download, have been removed. All of them. Rapidshare, Mediafire, even depositfile… but YouTube is ok?
Part of why I started this blog was so that I would have basically a cloud storage of my favorite music, via any smart phone or computer (no, I’m not doing it to be cool. I’m already cool enough). The past couple months I have found myself listening to steaming music more and downloading virtually nothing…
It appears to me that technology is making this “downloading is stealing” idea obsolete because everything is available streaming now. To everyone’s phones.
So, regulation has caught up and shut the door on the illegal downloading at just the moment in time when that same music is available to everyone.
The world is changing around us as I form these words, we must adapt; the era of free downloading seems to be ending, so not all posts will have download links, however, all will have streaming links of one form or another. (After all the whole point of music is for it to be heard.)
I apologise, I liked it the way it was before too, I will try and find download links for at least half the posts anyway.