Cavity- Drowning (1996)

Today we have Cavity’s Drowning, an old and forgotten album, or so I thought.
Cavity is a sludge band out of Miami, split up for a decade now, they formed in 1992 emerging from Maimi’s punk scene “used hardcore as a springboard while incorporating heavier riffs and a thicker sound” (Last FM) resulting in Sludge.
Cavity released a bunch of singles, which ultimately ended up in this, the Drowning compilation released in 1996. A classic early south Florida sludge album, long out of print that almost no one remembers, right?
Wrong. Yes, few people remember this album, because look, can’t even find all the songs on YouTube. However, someone did take the time to make sure that all the links for this obscure album in .rar and .zip formats for free download, have been removed. All of them. Rapidshare, Mediafire, even depositfile… but YouTube is ok?
Part of why I started this blog was so that I would have basically a cloud storage of my favorite music, via any smart phone or computer (no, I’m not doing it to be cool. I’m already cool enough). The past couple months I have found myself listening to steaming music more and downloading virtually nothing…
It appears to me that technology is making this “downloading is stealing” idea obsolete because everything is available streaming now. To everyone’s phones.
So, regulation has caught up and shut the door on the illegal downloading at just the moment in time when that same music is available to everyone.
The world is changing around us as I form these words, we must adapt; the era of free downloading seems to be ending, so not all posts will have download links, however, all will have streaming links of one form or another. (After all the whole point of music is for it to be heard.)
I apologise, I liked it the way it was before too, I will try and find download links for at least half the posts anyway.


Greenmachine- Earthbeater (1999)

Greenmachine is old stoner-sludge out of Japan, classic and recorded while the stoner/sludge genre was still finding its sound, this is a must have for fans of stoner metal.
While not as utterly catchy as other bands of the same genre Greenmachine is defiantly underrated a must have for the serious metal collection. Their sound isn’t as black metal influenced as Bongzilla without the lyrics screeched, however their sound stays firmly in the stoner/sludge arena; good, appealing and a classic no doubt, I score this release at 83%

Last FM

iPod Roulette | Sleep- Volume 1 (1991)

   Ska and Rocksteady Thursday has been on hold and it is high time it is replaced with something. Since TheLivingDoorway blog has been pulled down, I have decided to shamelessly take that guy’s idea of iPod Roulette and apply it to thursdays, making iPod Roulette Thursdays.
Of course, I don’t use an iPod since my phone is easier to use, and I am going to select from from the entire iTunes library since it has the most (228 GB; 108 straight days of music) and Andro-iTunes Roulette doesn’t sound quite right, so there are a few modifications. Basically it is just iTunes on shuffle and I post about whatever album comes up. If something as horrible as Heavy Metal Violin comes up, I promise not to even pretend that it is listenable and quietly skip to the next song.
The first album that came up is Sleep’s Volume 1. Their debut album from 1991, it is more doom and less stoner-sludge than their later works.
This album suffers from the same type of negative comments as the Darkthrone demo; “not their best work, bla, bla, bla” This is basically an album that is not real strong and outshined by the bands later works, and in this case by Sleep‘s Dopesmoker and OM‘s God is Good, OM being a later incarnation with two of Sleep‘s members. That makes for a hard comparison considering that this was released in 1991, and is one of the basic building blocks of the stoner/sludge/doom sound that we know today. Heavy riffs with classic doom sounds still present having a mellowing effect upon the development of the stoner/sludge sound.
While not my favorite, it is a good album for the collection and a classic… the type of classic that you grab if you happen across a first pressing at a garage sale, not the classic that is left on repeat for days on end, I give it a 75%.



Buried at Sea- She Lived For Others But Died For Us

Buried at Sea is a favorite of mine playing heavy stoner drone/doom, and yet again out of Chicago. That city has generated some incredible bands, and this is one of them. They aren’t real well known but it is not for lack of talent.
Last FM describes them as the “doomiest most crushing band”, which is a fair thing to say.
The drone influences are easy to hear making it good session music… I don’t know what else to say.



RED FANG -Prehistoric Dog (or the battle for middle Seattle)

Red Fang has some real interesting videos. They’re obviously goons, don’t get me wrong, but the videos are great. The music is decent; catchy, but the riffs and vocals and song structure are pretty similar in most of their songs. Their videos are the main attraction definatly, in this one these goons see some other goons and then go home and make their own battle armor out of beer cans and then go back and find the other bunch of goons and then have a mock battle with their beer can weapons… like I said they are creative, sorta.

Earth- Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II (2012)

I have been complaining the quality and quantity of this summer’s new albums, but I just now noticed that Earth put out a new album in February on Southern Lord Records, so I have to check it out since I was complaining.
Earth has been around since 1990 playing down-tuned sludge/doom/drone… sort of, their sound has progressed over time and drug addictions changing with every album, possessing their distinct “Earth” sound, but moving around from sludge and doom and metal to radio-pop and drone dominating different releases. A post metal/ post rock sound are apparent in this album, which I didn’t like real well at first, but after listening to it again it is growing on me.
Earth is a band that is a bit timeless, with a sound that isn’t tied to an era but rather a mind-set, like the Violent Femmes and how their music speaks to 15 year olds, Earth has a mellow quality that speaks to burn outs in their twenties and thirties.
This album is the second in a two part series, the first being released last year, which brings up the question about why everyone is putting out these mulit-part albums? Bunt Aus Nord did the same thing (with their third part being released later this month I think) and a few others I believe. It seems like one album dominates and the others are more or less filler material. Weird. Anyway, I am going to do a post next week about the first part and of the series overall.
Maybe I will understand the whole series thing after I listen to the first, I don’t know. I also saw The Two Towers first, then Return of the King, so I guess I have a habit of doing things BassAckwards so whatevesies. Speaking of which the first YouTube video is from one of their older albums and the one below is from this year’s album. (I like the first one better that’s why it is on top)