Southern State s/t (2014)

Second post of the new year! Yes, I know, off to a slow start, but whatevesies, I’ve been busy with work and what not. It’s easy to lose track of time here in Florida, it’s warm and sunny, humid, there’s even been some waves recently. Needless to say, things move at a different pace here.
Southern State is stoner post-rock trio from Columbus, Ohio. Pretty good overall, sitting somewhere between J Mascis, Sleep and Chicago post rock. They’re tagged shoegaze and emo also, but not really.
The first song on this release starts out with a deep, catchy riff. Then the vocals start and kind of sour the track, they just don’t seem to fit. The second, third and fourth tracks are good, fitting together quite well and the release ends a bit too soon leaving the listener wanting more; 81%.
Any thoughts about this release? Please comment.

stoner post-rock

Faust in the warm morning sun