Southern State s/t (2014)

Second post of the new year! Yes, I know, off to a slow start, but whatevesies, I’ve been busy with work and what not. It’s easy to lose track of time here in Florida, it’s warm and sunny, humid, there’s even been some waves recently. Needless to say, things move at a different pace here.
Southern State is stoner post-rock trio from Columbus, Ohio. Pretty good overall, sitting somewhere between J Mascis, Sleep and Chicago post rock. They’re tagged shoegaze and emo also, but not really.
The first song on this release starts out with a deep, catchy riff. Then the vocals start and kind of sour the track, they just don’t seem to fit. The second, third and fourth tracks are good, fitting together quite well and the release ends a bit too soon leaving the listener wanting more; 81%.
Any thoughts about this release? Please comment.

stoner post-rock

Faust in the warm morning sun

Samsara Blues Experiment- Revelations & Mystery (2011)

The pace of summer has slowed publication, but today we do have a stoner/ psychedelic/space rock band from Berlin, Samsara Blues Experiment and their 2011 album, Revelations & Mystery. A good release, the sound is all over the place and doesn’t stay in any single niche. Space rock sounds make themselves hears as well as Indian (raga, according to Last FM). Good stuff, 88%.
(I’m going back outside)


Streaming Sunday #1- Yuri Gagarin

I have long contended that digital downloads should be free, for among other reasons, that sounds of the Big Bang are still reverberating throughout the universe so the idea of charging for a digital download seems absurd. And, the general ambience of Sunday should be a mellow easing into the coming week, so a Sunday streaming post seems appropriate.
For our maiden post we have Yuri Gagarin, a Swedish psychedelic/stoner/space rock band out of Gothenburg and their self titled album… OK, I’ll admit, I bought this one. It’s that good. The guitars and synths all mesh to gather perfectly into a quintessential session album.
Enjoy your Sunday.


DJ Johnny Peel and The Peel Sessions

Happy New Year, the first post of 2014 is starting a new category exploring the Peel Sessions.
DJ Peel was a British disc jockey that was influential in a large number of bands gaining populaity by exposing them to a national/ global audience by way of his radio show (Wiki). The truth of the matter is that I only knew about him because of Dead Meadow’s Peel session album, but as I began composing this post it kept getting delayed because of the massive amount of music associated with him. From the late 70’s through the 2000’s he was one of the most influential people in music, recording bands [normally] in a four song session. I’ll delve deep into DJ Peels work in future posts, but until then here are three Peel Sessions, enjoy.

Dead Meadow, Indian Bones, Peel Sessions


Tools You Can Trust, Peel Session


Half Man Half Biscuit Peel session

Last FM

The Brian Jonestown Massacre Peel session

Last Fm

List of Peel Sessions

another article on Peel


Dead Meadow- Warble Womb (2013)

Ok, I’ve been slacking on the posts lately, the speed of life has slowed the pursuit of good new music. However, I’ve been listening to the the latest Dead Meadow almost nonstop since I downloaded it last week. Easily one of my favorite bands I was shocked to realize that they had released a new album in September and I hadn’t noticed until a few days ago.
The Three Kings and Old Growth are both excellent albums, likely Dead Meadow’s strongest albums, making the anticipation difficult to live up to for the following album. Warble Womb has a more mature and refined sound and explores new psychedelic/ stoner territory.
“Is it as good as the last two albums?”
Yes. Bands should evolve, progress. A new album should be new. This is new, possibly the album of the year. Highly recommended, we will still be listening to this twenty years from now, 96%.



The Sizlacks Demos (2013)

The Sizlacks are a twangy Australian psych/stoner rock band out of Perth, Australia. Relaxing and mellow with artful use of reverb, they are appealing with a new take on psychedelic rock that seems as if it was made specifically for an oil session.
Which is good because today is off to a jagged start with three hours and several hundred dollars spent at the mechanic’s shop for the second time this week. Their mellow and catchy riffs along with the lazy, drifting vocals are a nice contrast to the utter frustration of dealing with mechanics for the second time in a week. I’ve always suspected that mechanics were Special Little Campers because I realized years ago that working on cars sucks and they never seemed to have gotten the memo.
Anyway, this release is a stellar and I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Basically, if you liked that one Grateful Dead album Blues for Allah you’ll dig this album. Highly recommended rating a 90%.

dl demo 1
dl demo 2
dl Deeper


Dead Meadow- Live at the Gypsy Ballroom (3-29-2006)

Today we have a live recording of Dead Meadow from a show back in 2006, the first track starts off slow with the still band warming up and gradually eases into the first song.
I really enjoy live albums because often they are similar to band practice in the sense that occasionally the sound is phenomenal because the band is just together and playing really well that night. This is evidently from their tour with Dinosaur Jr, the sound is a bit low, but that’s about the only detraction, defiantly one for the live collection, 90%.