Sacremento EP (2012)

It is time for the Random Tag Game! Today we have a Basque psychedelic/stoner rock band, mellow, psychedelic and relatively unknown, this is a great EP. Destine to be a cult classic like many of the european psychedelic bands of the early 70’s (like Ash Ra Tempel). A psych masterpiece, the band plays well togather and the recording itself hasn’t been over produced with a pleasing flow. Also, everything associated with this band is in a language that I don’t read, possibly Spanish, which doesnt detract from the music in the slightest. Easy to leave on repeat, this is perfect mood music for the early morning session, 94%.
(And it is a free download)



Old Testament

Here we have a new and relatively unknown band, Old Testament, a stoner/psychedelic/indie rock band out of LA with Dead Meadow’s vocalist/guitarist, Jason Simon. While not as refined an act, they are definatly talented and these are good session songs.
Their cover of Dollar Bill Blues is easily my favorite of the three songs they’ve released this year. An interesting mix of new and old sounds, and a definite must hear for Dead Meadow fans, I’m looking forward to hearing more music from them, 85%.



Yeti Island- Lifelight

Yeti Island can be described as shoegaze post-rock/ stoner/desert rock, a Norwiegan band that is still pretty unknown dispute having released three demos. Everything comes together well in these demos, fusing different influences into flowing songs that are almost reminiscent of soundscapes. Good music from a solid band, 84%.

Last FM

Free DL (so they claim)


Exploring Downtown Orlando and Mars Red Sky- s/t (2011)

Monday night, no work in the morning. I was mentally debating the merits of venturing out or sitting at home playing Vice City when it struck me that in the past ten years I had been “out” more in downtown San Francisco than Orlando and thus perhaps it would be entertaining to report back to the SotS readers what the The City Beautiful looks like after dark… And, yes, of course it’s going to be National Geographic style.
So I doan my jacket and an old Android and head out to explore a strange and primitive culture.
I start my journey by beater to the east side of Lake Eola, where one day over a hundred and fifty years ago, a group of Indians and an Italian named Orlando meet. It was hot and humid, everyone had guns, someone ran his mouth and the city changed it’s name to honor his memory. Today, geese plod Orlando’s footsteps in honor of his lovely demeanor.
Proceeding south and clock wise around Lake Eola I am struck by the apparent flying sauser that seems to have crashed into this lake. In a town of tourist attractions one must wonder why this feature is not exploited as an attraction to primitive consumers.
I journey to the western shore of the lake past the urban non-breeding couples (people, not geese), a non-territorial people who view themselves as progressive and socially conscious.
On the western shore I continue my journey for three blocks until coming across Orange avenue and the center of Orlando’s non-commercial night life. Stopping for a beer and burger at an aptly named “Beth’s Burger Bar (yummy)”.
While waiting for my burger I browse Bandcamp looking for avproper album for this post and settled on Mars Red Sky and their self titled debut album from late 2011. A French band that has some obvious influences, but overall new, creative and dreamy psych rock, which I honestly never would have expected to have come out of France. This is one of the up and coming new psychedelic bands, having played at Roadburn last year and with many notable bands such as Earth and Queens of the Stone Age. A great psych/bluesy album, 89%.

After a good burger and decent beer I proceed south noting that while a Monday is traditionally not a “night out”, it is totally dead tonight.
Orlando is a town taking a deep breath after the last boom. Pretending to be a prize fighter that is momentarly winded the city weezes it’s way into another year, it’s residents trudging on, unwilling to admit that it is really the warm weather and friendly faces that keeps them here and not the opportunity and cosmopolitan lifestyle. A small town at heart this city pretends to be big, it is in the middle of nowhere, positioned like a herpe on America’s wang, it’s major incentive towards economic development is cheap warehouse space, cheap labor and lots of convention space, however, the rest of America is freezing while Floridians are wearing shorts.

Sungrazer (2010)

   2013 is upon us, so the Mayans were off about when our culture was going to end… big suprise, they didn’t see the end of their own culture so why did anyone think that they had a special insight into ours? Seriously. The Mayan’s real claim to fame is that they had too much time on their hands.
For real. I wish I had so much time on my hands that I could dedicate years to watching and documenting which star came up where on the horizon. Those were some bored motherfuckers for that shit to have kept their attention for that long. Hell, I can’t sit through an entire Law and Order SVU, but those people devoted eight years to watching Venus? Bored motherfuckers I tell you.
Anyway Sungrazer is stoner/psychedelic rock from the Netherlands, a land that seems to be dedicating itself to producing great new stoner, psychedelic and space rock acts.
A harder band to properly label, Stargrazer deserves a listen because it is defiantly an appealing album that many are sure to enjoy, and I rate it at 85%; not quite a classic but a good choice for the collection.

streaming on MySpace



Dead Meadow- Three Kings (2010)

Here we have Dead Meadow’s Three Kings, a live album from 2010 and one of my all time favorites. I’ve heard people speak disparagingly about live records, but I honestly don’t understand.
This is an example of everything that is good about live albums with no new songs but a rich sound to their unique version of stoner rock that only comes through on live recordings. The band understood this premise and used it to full effect, this release made me fall in love with Dead Meadow, leaving it on repeat for a day or so at a time, this is a classic in every sense of the word.
I’ve heard them played in mall stores and on commercials lately, which is interesting that the reincarnation of an old DC Indie band from the 90’s has emerged as a mainstream symbol of American “coolness” fifteen years later. Which I find fitting because the same bands and scenes I found enthralling as a teen are now being spoon-fed to a global audience. (However, there are some genres that the world at large needs a few more years to appreicate, such as screamo)
Either way, I suspect that Dead Meadow is going to be like the Rolling Stones for the loser generation. Enjoy.


Dead Meadows S/T (2001)

Here again we have Dead Meadow with their self-titled album. This original album has a less refined sound than later albums, but it has such a mellow, stoner and almost jam session sound to it that I would rank it as my second favorite among their albums. In fact, iTunes informs me that I have listened to this album more than three dozen times in the past year and a half, so it is a very listenable album.


Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of Grateful Dead (1974)

Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of Grateful Dead is an absolute must for any music collection. I am posting it today for anyone who doesn’t currently have this album.
Yes, I know I just posted a Grateful Dead album, but that was live and this is studio… and I really like the Grateful Dead.



Bongripper- Hippie Killer (2007)

Hippie Killer is a soaring, heady album, sativa-like, and if you’re not a head, chances are you won’t like this album. Mellow and long, it takes a level of relaxation to fully enjoy this release, but unlike The Great Barrier Reefer this is divided into songs and as the review on bandcamp says, there are more post-rock influences.
This masterpiece of stoner metal has so much going on musically it takes a few plays to fully appreciate the pleasant blending of sounds into a one long drifting work.

Here is a new unmastered track released this April;


Beaver- 13eaver (1996)

“Beaver is a stoner rock band from the Netherlands. Beaver gained some fame with a split EP with Queens of the Stone Age (Man’s Ruin), when it was still just a Josh Homme side-project, not a band. They also backed Josh on his stoner-hymn “18 A.D” on the “Burn One Up” album.” (Last Fm)

13eaver (or Beaver) is a classic stoner rock album, not my favorite, it has too much of a grunge sound for me, but most early stoner rock from northern Europe has that sound. A lesser known band that is most notable for the later bands that they influenced and groundwork they laid for the genre. They toured Europe with Fugazi, the Melvins, Kyuss and other notable bands (Wiki). For fans, it is a must have album for the collection.

download 13eaver