Super Aids- sweet little thirteen (2005)

Super Aids was a local band now defunct for of a lack of a bassist… well, that and the woodchipper broke too. Their sound is a hard mixture to describe besides for the obvious punk influences. This album is a punk album heavily influenced by classic rock and roll and G G Allin. It is a unique sound and this one is my favorite because of the fifth member as vocalist. Their style benefited having the vocalist freed from the pace of the guitars, but CCRR just didn’t work out as vocalist…
Back in 2005 I’d ride my bike over and sit in on the session and Super Aids band practice after that… it was great, a small smoke filled living room stuffed to the ceiling with amps and speakers and blankets and recording equipment and cords running everywhere. One small orange cord went out the front door (it was otherwise known as the “orange lifeline”) to the studio apartment next door where CCRR, Melon and The Cousin are all looking like ET, three adults and two dogs living in a 500 square foot studio with the electric turned off.
That was the hangout spot on a dead-end street, businesses all around, the only “quiet time” was when Josh (of the RunnAmuckS and Ripping Records) was recording, then no loud noises or drunken tirades.
That duplex had so much character that it even had the impression of an 1984 Cadillac set in the front of the house (Razor Ron, slightly intoxicated, circa 1999).
It was a fun time, but all things must end and the DOT took the house and razed it, possibly because of the Beer Bottle Incidents.

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