Streaming Sunday; Space Bats, Attack!- EP1 (2013)

Sunday is the day to relax, hit the gravity, veg out, stream music and look at random crap on the internet. Maybe hit up the Farmers Market and take a bike ride, but something chill. The feng shui of the day demands a mellow and relaxing soundtrack so today we have Space Bats, Attack! a three piece out of New Zealand playing moody experimental rock. Maybe experimental isn’t the best tag for these guys, but they don’t easily fall into any other genre. The first song starts out with a surf rock riff, then goes on to a psychedelic twang and from there dances between different sounds in a relaxing a moody four song EP. A unique sound, highly recommended, 90%, enjoy.


How to repair a surfboard “professionaly” and Triptides

The weather and water is getting warm enough to skin it, so dings and surfboard repair come to mind along with spring flowers, here is a video on surfboard repair which I found quite helpful when endeavoring upon my first (and only, thus far) surfboard repair.

A good friend had given me an old Rusty to give to my daughter, after I got home and examined it a bit I saw that underneath the caked wax there were a few small cracks in the glass, and the tail was a bit chewed up from being rested upright on a concrete floor. After consulting YouTube I discovered it was advisable to strip the old wax. I took the board into the back yard and lacking any other solvent I used the very last drops of the lawn mower fuel and a scraper to get the wax and dirt off of it.
After that I took a roto-zip and edged off the crumbly part of the tail, then basically just followed what dude said, took my time and spreading it out over a few days using sanding sponges instead of an orbital sander and the basic surfboard repair kit that one can get at any surf shop.
I let the resin dry/ cure for several days thinking that would probably be the best bet if this was to stand any chance of success, which I was in doubt. However, my pessimism turned out to be unfounded, it’s been a couple months and the board is still not taking on water, so it seems to be working.

Here is something to listen to on the way to tell beach, some groovy surf rock by Triptides, enjoy.


Ugly Motors

This year seems to have hit a dead spot in terms of good new music, especially metal. I don’t know what the hell happened this year, the picking are pretty slim when it comes to quality albums. Evidently I’m not the only one who feels this way because it seems as if many bloggers are posting less frequently.
Ugly Motors is a surf/garage/ lo-fi rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Found this over at SpaceRockMountian, pretty good album with some old influences obviously heard, but free and quite listenable, 80%.