Bone Awl discography

A bone awl is a primitive tool made for punching holes in leather.  The band plays harsh, lo fi,  guttural, punk influenced black metal. The duo’s sound is raw, unrefined, lo fi, appropriately underground and a classic black metal act.

Back in 2002 Bone Awl was playing black metal in a style that no one had ever heard and they started down a path that  USBM maintained (generally speaking) for a decade. Besides for that, the major music apps (like Spotify, Pandora, Google music, etc.) don’t have any of their music, which is annoying but gives them credibility as a black metal band.
I’ve been listening to this discography for hours and honesty isn’t close to getting old. Some release are better than others and there are a couple  outright wonky ones in there, but in so far as discographies go this one is stellar, 96%. 



Relationship and Black Metal Advice Wednesday- The Secret Sexist Conspiracy and Wolves in the Throne Room- Black Cascade (2009)

Women think that they are perceived as stupid for reasons other than their words and actions. Seriously. They think that there is some hidden, sexist conspiracy, plotting to repress their talents. It’s a near universal trait among women also. If a woman thinks another is stupid, she’s labeled a bitch, if a man does, he’s sexist. I’ve never heard a woman say, “He/she thinks I’m dumb because I said something really stupid”. It’s like those Sex in the City whores, they spend years fucking every guy they can and then can’t figure out why they haven’t found Mr Right. Never occurs to any of them that they’re doing something wrong themselves. I think the whole series ended happily with all of their vocal chords being surgically removed. It’s either that or they all dry up and learn how to cook, I can’t remember.
Honestly, listening to a woman try and discern why she is viewed as stupid is like watching a dog chasing it’s tail.

Ok, my last review of Wolves in the Throne Room was luke warm and I haven’t listened to them much since, but there was a time when I was a fan and listening to this album again brought me back around. Yes, there is a trendiness about them, but a few of their albums are really, really good too. A duo hailing from Washington state, signed to Southern Lord Records and playing masterful USBM, they defiantly fall into the realm of “true black metal”.
WitTR has a refined sound that leans towards symphonic and assuredly not lo fi, so heavy use is made of synthesizers. In Black Cascade the synths are subdued and not overpowering, unlike some of their releases… Really, they are hit and miss and always have been. The first demo was epic (I’m doing a post about it next month), but the second demo was disappointing, but their next two releases, Diadem of 12 Stars and Two Hunters were great. Black Cascade has solid guitar and drum pieces that aren’t drowned out by the synthesizers and rates a 88%, recommended and WitTR is defiantly a “should hear” band for any modern metal head.

DL Wolves in the Throne Room


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time And Lake of Blood; The Burial Ground sessions (2012)

A woman threatening to leave is like a dog running away that isn’t house broken. Ever since “Women’s Liberation” the American media and pop culture has venerated the strong woman, which means boisterous and rude most of the time. Seriously, I don’t know any women that are both empowered and nice. It seems that “civil” and “empowered” go together like oil and water.
One of the hallmark moves of these women is to dramatically leave a man. The reasons don’t matter so much as the observation that these women make a habit of doing such things. If an adult dog still pees in the house, and isn’t sick, there is no logical reason to believe that the dog won’t continue to pee on the floor in the future… If a woman is in her thirties and has already left several men before, the logical conclusion is that she doesn’t want to be married and her “reasons” for leaving in the past are really just excuses for doing what she wanted to do anyway. Which is fine, but the real issue is being confused by listening to what the woman is saying.
Taking a step back and examining it logically, it really doesn’t matter if the dog is barking or not after it pees on the floor and a woman who makes a habit out of leaving when she gets angry is still a woman who is in the habit of leaving when she gets upset. Reasons and excuses don’t change this pattern. Men get confused because they understand the barking, but just because we understand what women are saying doesn’t mean they’re correct. Seriously, would everyone suddenly stop housebreaking their pets if suddenly the animal could explain why they urinated inside?
Leaving? Ohh no! Don’t threaten me with a good time.

Lake of Blood is USBM out of LA putting forth this two track release, which isn’t ambient and is pretty good. So much new Black Metal isn’t really black metal at all but some conglomeration of dark ambient or thrash, which isn’t bad, just not the classic sound from fifteen, twenty years ago. This EP however, retains that classic sound without being a simplistic copy of some other band’s sound. The sound is somewhat unrefined and a bit too clean, but defiantly a solid demo, 80%.



Black Metal Album of the Year 2013

The proper way to enjoy this album is standing bathed in the cold light of the moon among the quite still of a clear predawn morning.
A mix tape from Svn Okklt put out by Fallen Empire Records, which “is a label based in the USA dedicated to releasing black metal on vinyl and cassette formats”.
Instead of a Top Ten list I’m just naming “the” album for a few genres and this compilation is easily my favorite black metal release of the year. A beautiful compilation of raw analogue black metal, blast beats, tremolo guitars and screeched vocals, true black metal for the ages, 93%.

Svn Mix Tape


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday on hiatus

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday is on hiatus due to the fact that I seem to have run out of things to bitch about, writer’s block of a sort. I’m quite sure this is temporary because almost everyone annoys me (teenagers, women, Baby Boomers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the elderly and Yankees, just to name a few). In the mean time here is Leviathan Tentacles of Whorror, an excellent USBM release from 2004.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women Experts and Galloping Shadow- Winters Web (2012)

I’ve noticed that if a woman is as a qualified expert in any given field that she instinctually believes that she is an expert in all fields of everything. I’m not even being rude, it’s just true. Anything they don’t believe themselves knowledgable in, is labeled as “stupid”.
Black Metal? Stupid. Frisbee Golf? Stupid. Potato Guns? Stupid.

For today’s black metal we have an obscure bit of USBM, Galloping Shadow, the solo project of He Who Gnashes Teeth, half of the Bone Awl duo.
While there is a scathing review on Metallum, which, might have some valid points… However, I like Bone Awl.
Most of the criticisms I hear are observations of their musical style phrased as negative remarks; simplistic, punk-styled black metal with muddy recording… Which is their style, it’s like saying “That bear shits in the woods”.
The “muddy”, lo-fi, analog recordings arent easy to make sound right, and if one doesnt like punk or old, old black metal, or lo-fi/analog, then Bone Awl is not going to be appealing. It seems as if people hate on them because so many love them, so thus they can’t be good because their following isn’t totally underground.
This is new music, new riffs, new songs, done in the original ‘Bone Awl’ style, and while not for everyone, this is an obscure album and a definite must-have for fans of Bone Awl; 81%.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- The American Culture of Shit-Talking and Wolves in the Throne Room

Our Politically Correct society has become so safe and protected that it has devolved to a point where “People talk a lot shit from a safe place” (-Bun B). Granted, this has always been an issue, however, the presence of cameras mounted everywhere, the Internet police and Facebook have transformed what was once a civil society into a haven for rudeness.
Over the past week alone I’ve been threatened and cussed at by perfect strangers three times. My favorite was the Yankee cro-mag with clip-art and tribal sleeves who told CCRR that he was going to “fuck that guy up” because he didn’t approve of me riding my YZ 85 in a Department of Transportation field by his house… First off, I’ll point out that if he was serious and anything more than a bully he would have said that to me rather than CCRR.
Secondly, this is the South, we raise our children to have manners, everyone is armed and within their rights to “stand their ground”. In other words, the State of Florida doesn’t protect individuals who get too threatening or aggressive. Of course, Florida has also codified the circumstances under which it is acceptable to shoot people in one’s own orange grove. The point is that before everyone had smart phones to document any errant behavior for use as evidence, we had to get along with our fellow citizens on our own… And yes, there have been a couple of times that I had guns pointed at me, and I am a better person for it.
If not better, more polite at least. But the point is that talk is cheap, everyone knows that if Goober was serious he wouldn’t be talking about it ahead of time. Which brings up the point of why would someone go out of their way to publicly make an ass out of themselves? My theory is that his wriggler must be the size of my pinky and he thinks that if he makes enough racket no one will guess… Seriously, it has to be that or his dad hugged him too much or too little.
Then, there was this middle-aged hipster lady who got all butt-hurt because I pointed out that the Industrial Revolution rendered slavery economically unviable. Called me all kinds of names over Facebook, her basic point being that I must be wrong because the manner in which I pointed out these facts was politically insensitive. The utter lack of logical thought didn’t strike me as unusual coming from someone whose profile pic looks like she applied her make-up with a paintball gun.
Regardless it strikes me as a shame that technology has advanced our civilization to the point where random rudeness to strangers is now socially acceptable.

Today, we have Wolves in the Throne Room and their 2011 album, Celestial Linage a Washington based USBM act, however this is not their greatest offering, 78%.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Why Nancy Grace Should Be Forced To Wear a Dog Cone and Bone Awl- Sunless Xyggos (2010)

Nancy Grace’s opinions are as relevant as a Crock Pot’s. There, I said it. Ohh yes, I know, now I’m an asshole. But really, all that woman does is get wild-eyed and starts yelling about some other weird-ass woman who killed someone for six minutes, catches her breath for three (feminine product commercials) then starts screaming at the camera again. Yes, I know, she made it through Law School and bla, bla, bla and she is “brilliant”. I might point out that the majority of her audience is voting age women. Which, is scary. They are entertained because one of their own is in the picture-box going through “the change of life” screaming at everyone who stands up to and or gets near her. Not only does this pass for entertainment for women, but it also explains why women didn’t have the right to vote for the majority of human history.
Most of Americas Favorite Hysterical Woman points evolve like a snowball rolling down a snowy hillside, picking up debris like three second blurbs and “cleaver witticisms”. What Nancy Grace is really doing is encouraging women to be cunts through the glorification of mass media. Whatever balding, five-foot-two Jewish advertising twirp who came up with the idea for her show needs to be publicly horse-whipped for bringing this plague upon the American people.
There is a to way the reverse the damage she has caused my making it socially acceptable for women to be uncivil if they pretend to be “passionate” enough about a topic. Logically, if Grace has to be so loud and uncivil she needs a bark collar and a plastic cone; A bark collar to keep her voice at normal levels and a plastic cone to demonstrate to all the other women that such bitchiness is not appreciated by everyone else.
That and I don’t like the faces she makes when she is trying to express an exceptional profound “point”.
But, in all seriousness, publicly humiliating Nancy Grace would make America a more civil and less rude society, and even if it is just a little bit, I believe it is worth the effort to make the world a better place.

Bone Awl’s Sunless Xyggos was recorded in 2006 and released in 2010 (Metallum) and is half of one of their previous splits. Some clown totally ripped on this release over at Metallum, and while I don’t really agree his points are relevant enough to link.
Basically, the arguments against Bone Awl fall into two categories; 1. Too minimalist 2. Too trendy While somewhat valid these arguments forget that this is punk influenced, lo-fi USBM and these guys were some of the first to play black metal in this style, eleven years ago (2002 being their first demo). This is a progression of black metal and punk, both genres seem to promote exclusivist fans and are sometimes difficult to appreciate. A decade later everyone loves lo-fi and it’s easy to forget that there was a time when no one was playing like this, thus while not their greatest release it is good and not a simplistic reiteration earning it a score of 84%.

the ONLY link I could find (sorry)

Introducing Project Cat


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Why Drunk Marines Are Not To Be Antagonized and Lord Time- Black Hole At The End Of The Tunnel (2011)

Today’s Relationship Advice is about manners and attitude, below is a video where a visibly drunk guy, who happened to be a veteran Recon Marine, gets into a cab, and the cab driver ends up getting his ass kicked. While I might have posted some funny comments on Facebook about the driver, I do feel a bad for him, because he really got thumped. What set it off, though, was the driver refusing to pull over and allow the guy to get out of the cab. Besides for that, he was being a smart-ass to the drunk Marine, which is not a good idea, but he evidently didn’t get that memo.
The incident draws to light how rude some people act towards their fellow man. The reason for our society having police is to ensure the public safety as much as possible, not to facilitate rudeness therapy for insecure members who feel the need to exceed the boundaries of normal civilized discourse with strangers.
We meet hundreds of strangers in the course of our everyday lives, most of these encounters pass without notice because most everyone, most all the time, maintains this minimum level of civility, obviously. However, this town [Orlando] is full of turds; the passive-aggressive and horribly aggressive drivers, it’s like no one wants to just drive here, everyone has a goddamn point to make to everyone else on the fucking road! “I’m just trying to get where I’m going, I really don’t care what you think of my driving habits” I told some loud-mouth Yankee who was cussing at me at a light. Check-out lines at retail stores general rudeness is often observed, as are electronic forums such as Facebook. Talking shit is fun and everyone has a bad day occasionally, however, this has lead people to forget that actions have consequences.
The drunk Marine didn’t attack the driver because he was being a smart-ass, he attacked him because he wouldn’t pull over and let him out of the cab. Had the driver just pulled over he wouldn’t have gotten his ass kicked, that action after being a smart-ass changed the whole situation for the Marine. The cab driver made the environment hostile then effectively told a drunk military vet that he was holding him captive. The driver didn’t realize he was doing this because he was too focused on being an asshole to the guy.
I’m not saying the driver deserved getting beaten, but I would guess that was the first time he really got whooped, and I am predicting that he will be much more civil to strangers from here on out. We live in a civilized society so the drunk Marine will be punished for his actions, but it is a shame that our society is so civilized that some people have to get their asses kicked before they learn to speak civilly to their fellow human being.

Today’s selection is Lord Time,Black Hole At The End Of The Tunnel (2011). Ok, yeah, I’ve gotten on a bit of a Lord Time kick lately. Solo projects are hit or miss, and this one is defiantly a hit, and Glossolalia lyrics is an interesting musical theme as well as being properly Black Metal, since it is speaking in tongues to add to the dark atmosphere of the music as opposed to the Pentecostals who use it to worship the Jew god.
Dark, rhythmic, though too much electronics are used, it is a good release consisting of two tracks totaling thirty-six minutes. It is defiantly a solo project and mood music (not something to listen to in rush hour traffic), but exploring new territory and very listenable in the right setting raking it at 87%.

Random Downloads; Veld- Leavings of the Wolf (2013)

Veld is a raw black metal band from Massachusetts, today being a Random Download Day, I choose Veld which Svn-Okklt was kind enough to post, albeit, with virtually no description.
No YouTube, Metallum has virtually no information, around since 2011 putting out three demos, a compilation, and this one eighteen minute track released just this year. Underground as hell with no members listed, most of this bands efforts seem geared towards making music, and that’s it, no flashy self-promotions or other antics, just as true black metal should be. This release has some great tremolo riffs, the lyrics are screamed in proper BM fashion, though there are DSBM influences that slow the song and add another erie, dark element to this track. Defiantly one of the better releases this year, 89%.