Windir- Sogneriket (1994)

Windir is true Norwegian Viking Metal. So viking, in fact, that Valfar died in a blizzard walking through the cold northern woods to his family’s cabin.
The term Viking Metal often raises eyebrows and begs question of how relevant are all these genre names. Yakke often raises that question and dismisses the all the different genres with the contention that they’re just BS.
The genre names describe the sound, the song structor, composition, essentially what experience the listener is in for.
Viking Metal evolved out of Black Metal and listening to this album start to finish one can clearly hear the distinct style emerging in a few songs, stepping away from the screached English lyrics and adding elements of folk and power metal resulting in the start of a new genre.
This demo is good but not the best of Windir’s albums, though I enjoy it immensely because of all the different sounds that are being experimented with and the musical journey that the listener is taken apon.
A classic for the digital collection.


Sogneriket 1994 demo