Across Tundras/ Lark’s Tongue Split (2013)

Today we have a Desert Rock split by Across Tundras and Lark’s Tongue. As a rule I don’t care for desert rock. As Wiki describes, it is a sub-genre of stoner rock, though lacking the dirty sound and with a faster beat. However, I love splits and this one is offered for free so I couldn’t resist.
The first song is by Across Tundras, is over ten minutes and starts out low, mellow and almost drifting… Wrong placement in the album, they should have been second, but at least it isn’t the typical cheesy, generic desert rock track. After almost five minutes the vocals begin, which is the band’s biggest weak point. Listening to the vocals I feel as if I should be twenty years older and reminiscing about high school.
Lark’s Tongue is psychedelic/desert rock with some indie/math rock leanings, interesting and moody, mood music with too many tambourines and vocals that are a bit too passionate, but still very listenable.
A good example of a free release expanding my musical horizons and why I like splits, 83%.