Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Friday- Tornado “Victims” and Agalloch- The Serpent and The Sphere (2014)

Tornado victims in the Midwest… seriously? These people live in places like Nebraska and Iowa and Oklahoma, tornados are the most excitement those people see. Honestly, for those who survived uninjured the excitement probably did their hearts some good. I can’t imagine most of the “victims'” pulses ever reaching 100 bpm under normal circumstances. Not to sound crass, but what are they victims of? Missing Duck Dynasty?
Most of the damaged and destroyed building are at least 40 years old and probably needed to be torn down and rebuilt. These people live in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do anyway. What? We’re supposed to feel sorry for them because they have to do something constructive? Ohh no! The Pumpkin Chuckin tournament can be delayed for a couple years while those goobers rebuild (according to current building codes and with modern material). It”ll be ok, seriously, it literally took an Act of God to make those clowns insulate their buildings properly.
I have a hard time feeling sorry for people because something exciting happened to them… for the first time in fifty years.

Agalloch. Cosmic Hearse was the blog that got really me interested in the music blogging world. I’d sit for hours downloading music that dude posted. A really great blog full of good music. The author, Aesop, is the drummer in a couple of bands, including Agalloch, which is something like blackened atmospheric folk.
Honestly, I don’t get this band. Everyone loves them, they’re well respected and play at really impressive venues, but I am always left wondering what the hype is about. I thought that this album might enlighten me to their greatness, but no, still don’t get it. They bounce around between genres and the vocals are a bit too dramatic. The less appealing aspects of folk and black metal seem to have been merged into a hybrid band that plays well but just doesn’t sound right… They must be epic live. That’s the only conclusion I can draw because this album leaves me flat, 75%.