Streaming Sunday; Amplifier- Live In Barcelona 10/05/13

Streaming Sunday is about listening to new bands, sometimes it’s hit and sometimes a miss, but at least it’s something different. This week’s selection isn’t my cup of tea, but I can see some people really digging this band, thus making it a true and impartial Streaming Sunday.

Amplifier is a Space/ Progressive Rock band from Manchester. They’ve been around since the late 90’s and have four albums out and four other releases. Admittedly, this is a Random Tag, it was popular on Bandcamp and they seem to have a big following, so it looked like a safe bet… the band itself is good, and the music isn’t bad, per se. But, the vocals are way too prominent and the sound leans more towards progressive and real old space rock. Honestly, the vocals are too loud and kinda spoil the overall sound, not really digging it, 76%.