Stone of the Swamp Begins

Stone of the Swamp is to be a commentary on music new and old, as discussed on the front porch. My preferences hover around the stoner and black metal genres but not solely limited to those areas; good music is good music, and I am hoping to convence some of my friends to contribute also and their musical tastes vary from mine so there will hopefully be a bit of many different types of music posted and commented on.
As I live in Orlando, FL there will be references to the local music scene and the rattails who populate it.
I am still working on getting the blog up and running so if anyone does see this by chance, I apologise for the unfinished appearence of the blog.
UPDATE:the StoneoftheSwamp will make its official debut on Friday, March 23 at 3:30 pm; the start of the weekend. Til then, Apogeematt