Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Children Are Our Future, That’s Why We Are Going To Be Speaking Chinese and Belphegor- The Last Supper (1995)

Children are our future, and by the looks of today’s children we are going to be speaking Chinese in the nursing home. Seriously, these kid are coddled and can’t grasp anything unless there is some sort of digital interface involved. It is like these smart phones have become children’s interpreters to the rest of the world.
Our’s (The Loser Generation) is the generation that grew up in a mechanical world that turned digital, thus we are comfortable in both relms. Now a days the neighborhoods are quite, the streets clear because the children are all busy growing fat, parked in front of some digital device.
We were the last generation that was beaten, or at least not pampered too horribly. After watching a young mother spend five minutes looking at her son’s scraped knee I became convinced that if America’s defence depends on that kid at some point in the future, we’re screwed. The medics of the future are going to look like tribal porters carrying hundred pound packs of Band Aids around the battlefield treating every Owwie with a Band Aid and a kiss. For real, we need to order the Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese, because I seriously think in twenty years these wussies could be defeated in battle by a disiplined army using non-lethal force, like water cannons and seaweed.
I can see the headlines already-
“American Forces Routed Because Enemy Cheated and Used ‘The Icky Weapon'”, which would really just be a catapaulted mixture of earthworms, sour milk and old mustard.
The Iranians and North Koreans are wasting their time on nuclear research when all they need to do is raise their kids not to be wusses.

Belphegor’s The Last Supper is Austrian blackened death from 1995, complete with quasi-hair-metal riffs and old school death-growls. Despite being the band’s debut album their sound is well developed and not jagged as many band’s freshman albums sound. This isn’t the absolute best, but it is era and quite listenable. The second, screeching vocalist adds little to the overall sound other than cheese points, and the organs are unneeded, but overall it scores an 80%.


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