Boris- Noise (2014)

Time again for Streaming Sunday! Stewing music for the Sunday. But, there is so much horrible music out there. Some of the shit is so bad I’m amazed multiple people considered it good enough to post on the internet, or even listen to a second time. I’m going to start doing posts about the crappiest bands since they’re so much easier to find. But that is for another day, today is Streaming Sunday, so I’ll have search for some good music. Trying the term Japan, the Japanese normally have good taste in music and first band that pops up is Boris. Finally! Something that will be at least decent.
Boris is a Japanese experimental/ alternative band, different, but defiantly a should hear band.
The song Angel is easily my favorite of the album at eighteen minutes long and it has a dreamy, droney, experimental tone to it with a mellow alternative undertone to it. Really, a great example of Boris as a band, recommended.
Waves are good so I’m outta here.