500th post! Bongripper- Live at Roadburn (2012)

Slacking, took the week off. This new live album from Bongripper came as news to me even though it came out over a year ago. Recorded at the Roadburn festival in the Netherlands back in 2012, it was the first time they played in Europe. For those who don’t already know, Bongripper is stoner doom/sludge out of Chicago, and this release is the combination of two sets, and they play almost all their songs. This is an awesome album, the sound is deeper, richer and fuller than the studio recordings, displaying what I love about live albums, 96%.
Also jumping up out of nowhere is StoneoftheSwamp’s 500th post… whatevesies.



Bongripper- Heroin

This album is the musical version of watching a lava lamp. One of Bongripper’s less commented on albums from 2007, well there are a few comments from people who obviously are not fans of drone (the term “unlistenable shit” has been used), but it really is a great album full of artful distortion, reverb and feedback. Whoever said that obviously ranks Slipknot and AC/DC right up there along with Mozart and Beethoven.
I rate this at 92%, while drone it is still highly listenable and excellent session music. Sorry I haven’t been able to find a download link, and the Internet Gestapo will yank it down if I post one myself, so streaming will have to do (and 5 dollars isn’t bad for a digital download).

streaming on Bandcamp

Bongripper- Hippie Killer (2007)

Hippie Killer is a soaring, heady album, sativa-like, and if you’re not a head, chances are you won’t like this album. Mellow and long, it takes a level of relaxation to fully enjoy this release, but unlike The Great Barrier Reefer this is divided into songs and as the review on bandcamp says, there are more post-rock influences.
This masterpiece of stoner metal has so much going on musically it takes a few plays to fully appreciate the pleasant blending of sounds into a one long drifting work.

Here is a new unmastered track released this April;


Bongripper-The Great Barrier Reefer

   The Great Barrier Reefer is a classic of stoner/sludge and one of my all time favorite albums. An 80 minute epic that begins with low, subtle lyrics concerning dragons and a seven headed beast, quoted directly from the Book of Revelation, with repeative, yet changing and droning riffs.
This is an album that is the background music for an afternoon session with friends that devolves into everyone zoning out staring at the space between them and the wall… A meandering song that takes one on a musical story, which is part of the appeal of this album; it is just one song, as no parts stand alone without the support of the rest.
Every time I listen to this album I hear something new, so pull up a chair and fire up a hookah coal and start the weekend…

now is the hour of repentance