Bongzilla- Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitudes (1998)

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin and formed in 1995, this is terrific stoner metal and must have for any Metalhead. Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitudes was released back in 1998, this stoner metal classic contains three of Bongzilla’s lesser known songs, Melovespot, High Like a Dog and Smoke/ I love Maryjane.
Highly recommended and defiantly worth a listen, Bongzilla is mood music, be warned, it’s not fitting for work. Low and slow with screeched vocals, down-tuned and distorted guitars this EP is perfect for the relaxed afternoon session, 90%.



Bongzilla- Gateway (2002) and introducing the Favorite 100 Albums category

Gateway is probably Bongzilla’s best album, one of my all-time favorites, and as I write this I am thinking that if I had a list of my favorite 100 albums this would definitely be near the top.
So this will be the beginning of a new category of posts; Favorite 100 Albums. I’m not going to go back and add past albums to the list for the sake of convenience, though there are some past posts that would defiantly have made the list, such as the Skatalites, Eastern Standard Time and Bongripper’s Great Barrier Reefer .
This segment will be posted on every date that the day ends in a “1”, so the next favorite 100 Album post will be on the 21st. Why? I don’t know, just because.
Gateway is close to a perfect definition of stoner metal; Down-tuned, heavy, sludge and doom influenced, with screamed vocals borrowed from black metal, it is an album that can be left on repeat for days blending new with the familiar.

download Gateway


Bongzilla- Stash 1999

Today is the day, April 20th, and today’s post is a stoner metal classic, Bongzilla’s 1999 album stash. Released thirteen years ago today, this is one of my favorite bands and albums of all time, and the only logical choice for today’s post.
Bongzilla was a band out of Madison, Wisconsin playing stoner metal that sits on the blackened side of the genre with screamed vocals and shorter songs (as opposed to Sleep and Bongripper with longer songs more influenced by sludge and doom with fewer vocals).
Officially these guys are “On hold” which has recently changed from “split-up” so I wonder if they aren’t planning a reuinion tour like Floor…
Enjoy the day.