The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request (1996)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is a psychedelic rock band originally from San Francisco, Anton Newcombe’s project, a well know eccentric musician who didn’t seem to get along with many people. There have been a load of other musicians over the years (Wiki), and the movie Dig! documents this and some of the antics and his lovely personality.
This is one of three albums BJM put out in 1996, this one being heavy with psychedelic effects and instruments (sitars among others) and obviously influenced by the Rolling Stones psychedelic album of a similar title. This is my favorite of their albums, being a sucker for garage and psychedelic, and this is masterfully done. As homeboy said in Dig!, “Newcombe is years ahead of his time”, 97% (the brownie might be making this sound better). This album reexamines old Rolling Stones, in the 90’s, and manages to make an album that captured the overall magic of the music scene at the time. Right on man, maybe tree-topping goof-balls inspires good music.

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Here, we have a shining example of why code enforcement is up this neighborhood’s ass; they know good and well that they can’t trust most of the morons here to tie anything down right. First strong wind that comes along…


Brian Jonestown Massacre- Methodrone (1995)

Brian Jamestown Massacre is Anton Newcombe’s band, pushed into the mainstream via Netflix and the documentary Dig! (About The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre ), which Newcombe felt portrayed him in an unfair light… 40 band members in two years and a heroin addiction… I’m not sure how that could be portrayed in a favorable light, but whatevesies.
The Brian Jonestown Massacre is defiantly innovative, ahead of their time and influenced by The Rolling Stones… At times heavily influenced by Shoegaze and other times seeming almost garage rock or neo-folk, a hard band to love but very listenable and interesting.
Speaking of interesting, I checked out all those bands that I mentioned in Sunday’s
Red Sparowes post… Well, I won’t be doing a post about ANY of them… interesting isn’t the proper word for those bands…