Black Metal and Relationship Advice Wednesday; Why hobbies are the same as cheating and the Circle of Ouroborus/ Roman Cross split (2010)

I’ve noticed that wives normally don’t like their husband’s hobbies… Frisbee golf and Rub-N-Tugs seem to represent the same basic evil to the female mind; their husband having fun without them.
In fact, Frisbee golf is worse in some reguards because it promises to be more public and frequent than the occasional Rub-N-Tug, thus overall, there will be more women seeing the husband smiling without his wife present, therefore more Strong Powerful Women points are forfeitured by said man’s wife.
Women are taught that if their Strong Powerful Woman score dips too low then they will lose their voice, then slowly fade and cease to exist like Yoda in that one Star Wars movie.
Personally, I don’t believe it a bit and think it one of the more preposterous rumors circulated by the teachers unions.

The Circle of Ouroborus/ Roman Cross split is from 2010, but an excellent split that starts out with the Finnish band Circle of Ouroborus, Writings From Memories , a haunting song full of barely understandable lyrics like a nightmare remembered the next day.
Roman Cross is USBM out of New York, sick and lo fi, and there is something about the recording that headphones seem to bring out the depth and texture of their songs on this split.
This split wasn’t really talked about too much when it was released, under-appreciated at the time and destined to be a cult classic.

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Circle of Ouroborus at myspace
Roman Cross