The Dandy Warhols – Dandy’s Rule OK? (1995)

Otherwise know as the White Album, released in 1995 launching the Dandy’s success, the Dandy’s do rule. More sixties and shoegaze influenced than later albums it is still as good as all their other albums. One of the great things about this band is that they have always had enough taste to release good albums, the entire discography can be left on repeat for days without it becoming annoying. A stunning debut album 92%.


Dandy Warhols- Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (2000)

   Today’s is a quick kindergarden-post, because as I write this (the afternoon of October 1) I feel pretty rough because I am recovering from kidney stone surgery.  No, they couldn’t ultra-sonicly blast it, and this is the third surgery too. I am not awake, but evidently a light-saber and an old VHS camcorder are crammed into a garden hose and that it crammed into my pecker, and then a battle is fought.
Anyway the Dandy Warhols are another favorite of mine playing psychedelic hipster rock, and to date get haven’t made an album that I don’t like.
Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia is classic Dandys, psychedelic and dreamy, it doesn’t get much better than this with an album that moves and flows well without that without that one dud song. This is another one of those albums that can be left on repeat, so enjoy.