Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Baby Boomer Generation are a Bunch of Assholes and Darkspace- Darkspace I (2003)

A couple of years ago a friend who lives out west among the Red Woods made a comment referring to our generation as the “Loser Generation “. Looking inside at all the cabinet doors he had torn off in a drunken rage I decided not to voice my opposition to that label, but it did get me to thinking.
The Angry Ginger confidently proclaimed that it is because the Baby Boomer generation (our parents generation) are, “a bunch of assholes” who put us in day-care.
Simplistic answer, but thinking about it, our generation (the Loser generation) was the first generation put in day-care so that the women could work.
Once women could work, divorce rates and credit card spending sky-rocketed, and now thirty years later the entire generation hasn’t saved for retirement and so is depending on Social Security, funded by the Loser generation, to support them for the next thirty years until they die…
So basically our generation as a whole, were raised by strangers, left home before financially ready, all so that our parents would have more disposable income to pay divorce attorneys and buy crap at Wal-Mart?
Yeah the Baby Boomers are a bunch of assholes.

Darkspace is an atmospheric black metal band from Bern, Switzerland, they are one of the very few bands that can pull off that sound without an excessive cheese factor or outright Burzum worship.