Fell Voices- Regnum Saturni (2013)

I’ve had mixed feelings about Fell Voices in the past, honestly, it seems like they are a bit over hyped in the blogosphere, like suddenly they have been dubbed “the cool kids” in an electronic world of patchouli people. This album, just released on March 25, by the Santa Cruz based band playing droney USBM, and yes, it is good, though defiantly hyped.
The first song is masterfully played, but so long and meandering it comes across as a drunk man wandering through the mall parking lot. The second track is more along the lines of what I was expecting, after 17 minutes of the first track it was a present blast back into good black metal. The third track isn’t as strong as the second and is more blackened-ambient/drone, and they have put out other, stronger albums. This album wanders and is longer than what it needed to be, or maybe I’m just not that into them, but this album gets an 85%.