Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Middle Aged Moms and Immensité- demo (2012)

Children turn middle-aged women into gawking morons with no sense what so ever. Starbucks is a good place for observing this phenomena, because first off, bringing children into a coffee shop is worse than bringing them to a bar, and secondly, evolution made children dislike coffee so that they would not be murdered by cranky, half-awake adults first thing in the morning.
No one thinks children are “cute” before their morning coffee. Holding up the line in Starbucks is neither the time nor place to display fuck-trophies. Early in the morning children aren’t “miricles”, they’re the worst STD know to man. “No she can’t take the fucking cheese off the breakfast sandwich! Get your vaginal turd out of here and let me get my coffee in peace!”
Honestly, dogs have more place inside a coffe shop than children. True, dogs lick their butts, but children stick their fingers up theirs’, and at least most dog germs aren’t contagious to humans, where as children are just annoying petri dishes with brown fingers.

Immensité is blackened death metal from Salt Lake City whose songs are based on the poetry of Georges Batalle (ok…). A solo project, this was recorded last year and it’s a pretty good demo. The sound is more in vein with bands such as Undergang than Dawn leaning more towards old school death than what I would consider blackened death. Also, there is a stupid spoken word part, in yet another language that I don’t speak which adds nothing to a death metal album. Hate to be the one to point it out, but spoken word is stupid, especially on a death metal demo. Who wants to hear that?
This demo starts out strong but quickly fades into a quagmire of songs that are a bit too intense. There are good musical ideas being explored, it just seems that other musicians would help develop this solo-project into a really good band, 79%.