Streaming Sunday- Instruments- Eleven Found (2012)

Streaming Sunday, Instruments- Eleven Found (2012)
You’ve got to be kidding me. It is amazing someone actually went through the trouble of posting this on Bandcamp. Utterly amazing. I wasn’t even going to post this after listening to it, but it is too ridiculous for me not to share.
This release is tagged “instrumental math rock”, so I downloaded it expecting math rock, without vocals… It’s not. It’s an entire album of people murmuring in the background. Yes, really. One could be huffing gasoline and eating paint chips and this album would still sound horrible. It’s also tagged “post rock”. The only tag that isn’t deceptive would be the “Halifax”. It isn’t ambient or drone, it’s like sitting at the Department of Motor Vehicles, only more boring.
Instruments is a trio also. I’m blown away that three people actually thought this was good. I can imagine one guy creating a loop of crowd noise on a computer, but I honestly have no clue what the other two dudes were doing while he was playing on the computer… Seriously. Even if they were blowing each other on the couch in front of him, I still don’t see how that would make them part of the “band”.
This album rates a 10%, because it could be worse, somehow.