iPod Roulette | Sleep- Volume 1 (1991)

   Ska and Rocksteady Thursday has been on hold and it is high time it is replaced with something. Since TheLivingDoorway blog has been pulled down, I have decided to shamelessly take that guy’s idea of iPod Roulette and apply it to thursdays, making iPod Roulette Thursdays.
Of course, I don’t use an iPod since my phone is easier to use, and I am going to select from from the entire iTunes library since it has the most (228 GB; 108 straight days of music) and Andro-iTunes Roulette doesn’t sound quite right, so there are a few modifications. Basically it is just iTunes on shuffle and I post about whatever album comes up. If something as horrible as Heavy Metal Violin comes up, I promise not to even pretend that it is listenable and quietly skip to the next song.
The first album that came up is Sleep’s Volume 1. Their debut album from 1991, it is more doom and less stoner-sludge than their later works.
This album suffers from the same type of negative comments as the Darkthrone demo; “not their best work, bla, bla, bla” This is basically an album that is not real strong and outshined by the bands later works, and in this case by Sleep‘s Dopesmoker and OM‘s God is Good, OM being a later incarnation with two of Sleep‘s members. That makes for a hard comparison considering that this was released in 1991, and is one of the basic building blocks of the stoner/sludge/doom sound that we know today. Heavy riffs with classic doom sounds still present having a mellowing effect upon the development of the stoner/sludge sound.
While not my favorite, it is a good album for the collection and a classic… the type of classic that you grab if you happen across a first pressing at a garage sale, not the classic that is left on repeat for days on end, I give it a 75%.