Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time And Lake of Blood; The Burial Ground sessions (2012)

A woman threatening to leave is like a dog running away that isn’t house broken. Ever since “Women’s Liberation” the American media and pop culture has venerated the strong woman, which means boisterous and rude most of the time. Seriously, I don’t know any women that are both empowered and nice. It seems that “civil” and “empowered” go together like oil and water.
One of the hallmark moves of these women is to dramatically leave a man. The reasons don’t matter so much as the observation that these women make a habit of doing such things. If an adult dog still pees in the house, and isn’t sick, there is no logical reason to believe that the dog won’t continue to pee on the floor in the future… If a woman is in her thirties and has already left several men before, the logical conclusion is that she doesn’t want to be married and her “reasons” for leaving in the past are really just excuses for doing what she wanted to do anyway. Which is fine, but the real issue is being confused by listening to what the woman is saying.
Taking a step back and examining it logically, it really doesn’t matter if the dog is barking or not after it pees on the floor and a woman who makes a habit out of leaving when she gets angry is still a woman who is in the habit of leaving when she gets upset. Reasons and excuses don’t change this pattern. Men get confused because they understand the barking, but just because we understand what women are saying doesn’t mean they’re correct. Seriously, would everyone suddenly stop housebreaking their pets if suddenly the animal could explain why they urinated inside?
Leaving? Ohh no! Don’t threaten me with a good time.

Lake of Blood is USBM out of LA putting forth this two track release, which isn’t ambient and is pretty good. So much new Black Metal isn’t really black metal at all but some conglomeration of dark ambient or thrash, which isn’t bad, just not the classic sound from fifteen, twenty years ago. This EP however, retains that classic sound without being a simplistic copy of some other band’s sound. The sound is somewhat unrefined and a bit too clean, but defiantly a solid demo, 80%.