Lifelover- promo (2005)

This is Lifelover’s ambient promo album. It gets a scathing review on Metallum, but I like it. Lifelover’s style varies so much album to album that this is just an experiment with a different sound. It is defiantly music that one has to be in the mood for, but that can be said for all of their albums and anything ambient or depressive also.
I would say that their discography seems incomplete until one listens to this album, it is not a “great” release with a monotonous and repetitive pace and little outright guitar playing and more distortion than anything, it is a collector’s item for the digital library. Released on tape originally no one is going to bother buying, but as a .zip file it is a must have for any “real” metal head’s hard drive, so enjoy, as much as possible.

download lifelover demo

Lifelover- Pulver (2006)

Leftover is depressive black metal from Sweden, their sound has post-rock and post-metal influences while the lyrics center around, of course, drugs and misery.
The genius behind this project was B, who would cut himself on stage and was more than a little off. Yes, I know, I know, most “cutters” are insecure and just crying out for attention, however B was close to a musical genius and I don’t believe he was insecure, more crazy and on drugs, which makes great music. Unfortunately the mental instability comes with a price and evidently he ate too many bars (zanax) and died last year (September 9, 2011).
The band disbanded saying that B was too great of an influence to replace, the tour that he died upon continued, but as a tribute tour.