Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Tom’s Shoes and Lord Time- B.H.A.T.E.O.T.T. part 1 (2011)

Today’s Relationship Advice is about capitalism, philanthropy and logic.
TOMS shoes is a company that sells some off style of shoes at for an excessive amount and then gives a pair to some barefoot kid in a third world country. Great business plan of selling cheap, over-priced shoes to yuppies who feel bad that someone, somewhere doesn’t have shoes or enough to eat, and an ingenious method of avoiding excessive taxes.
Homeboy has made millions off the guilt-complex of the American yuppie, which is cool, but let’s be realistic. Giving shoes to barefooted African children is like treating AIDS with a bandaid. Feeding the hungry children and giving them shoes doesn’t address the problem, in fact, those actions totally ignore the core problem.
Ok, let’s feed the hungry, shoeless kids so that they can grow up big and strong… To go onto have children themselves, who also need shoes and to be fed… Realistically speaking if we want to alleviate hunger and shoelessness in Africa we need to send AK-47s, not fucking shoes.
In Rwanda people still plainly state that “sometimes a war is necessary to bring the population in line with what the land can support.” That, less than twenty years after the genocide that ravaged that country.
Genocide is actually an incorrect description of what occurred in Rwanda. During the early 1990’s overpopulation had gotten to the point where families were trying to support themselves by farming plots as small as an acre. It was common for a family of five or six living and farming on 1.5 acre plots… The average American farm is 435 acres, with over two million farms supporting a population of less than 300 million people back in 1998 (roughly the same time period)… The basic problem was too little land for too many people, which is why Mikhail Kalashnikov has done the most to cure world hunger.
Seriously. That’s why there aren’t packs of hungry dogs roaming America’s streets. Yes it’s sad that dogs are euthanized and so is Mikhail’s solution to barefooted children, all I’m saying is stop giving money to that yuppie twit in order to appease the social guilt of living in a country with indoor plumbing.

Lord Time, again, and yes, I know, he charges for digital downloads. Even after the other day’s rant about charging for digital downloads, I still post this, but this track is a chaoitic black masterpiece, 90%.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Why Drunk Marines Are Not To Be Antagonized and Lord Time- Black Hole At The End Of The Tunnel (2011)

Today’s Relationship Advice is about manners and attitude, below is a video where a visibly drunk guy, who happened to be a veteran Recon Marine, gets into a cab, and the cab driver ends up getting his ass kicked. While I might have posted some funny comments on Facebook about the driver, I do feel a bad for him, because he really got thumped. What set it off, though, was the driver refusing to pull over and allow the guy to get out of the cab. Besides for that, he was being a smart-ass to the drunk Marine, which is not a good idea, but he evidently didn’t get that memo.
The incident draws to light how rude some people act towards their fellow man. The reason for our society having police is to ensure the public safety as much as possible, not to facilitate rudeness therapy for insecure members who feel the need to exceed the boundaries of normal civilized discourse with strangers.
We meet hundreds of strangers in the course of our everyday lives, most of these encounters pass without notice because most everyone, most all the time, maintains this minimum level of civility, obviously. However, this town [Orlando] is full of turds; the passive-aggressive and horribly aggressive drivers, it’s like no one wants to just drive here, everyone has a goddamn point to make to everyone else on the fucking road! “I’m just trying to get where I’m going, I really don’t care what you think of my driving habits” I told some loud-mouth Yankee who was cussing at me at a light. Check-out lines at retail stores general rudeness is often observed, as are electronic forums such as Facebook. Talking shit is fun and everyone has a bad day occasionally, however, this has lead people to forget that actions have consequences.
The drunk Marine didn’t attack the driver because he was being a smart-ass, he attacked him because he wouldn’t pull over and let him out of the cab. Had the driver just pulled over he wouldn’t have gotten his ass kicked, that action after being a smart-ass changed the whole situation for the Marine. The cab driver made the environment hostile then effectively told a drunk military vet that he was holding him captive. The driver didn’t realize he was doing this because he was too focused on being an asshole to the guy.
I’m not saying the driver deserved getting beaten, but I would guess that was the first time he really got whooped, and I am predicting that he will be much more civil to strangers from here on out. We live in a civilized society so the drunk Marine will be punished for his actions, but it is a shame that our society is so civilized that some people have to get their asses kicked before they learn to speak civilly to their fellow human being.

Today’s selection is Lord Time,Black Hole At The End Of The Tunnel (2011). Ok, yeah, I’ve gotten on a bit of a Lord Time kick lately. Solo projects are hit or miss, and this one is defiantly a hit, and Glossolalia lyrics is an interesting musical theme as well as being properly Black Metal, since it is speaking in tongues to add to the dark atmosphere of the music as opposed to the Pentecostals who use it to worship the Jew god.
Dark, rhythmic, though too much electronics are used, it is a good release consisting of two tracks totaling thirty-six minutes. It is defiantly a solo project and mood music (not something to listen to in rush hour traffic), but exploring new territory and very listenable in the right setting raking it at 87%.