Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Mayhem- Dawn of the Black Hearts (1995)

Halloween, the one day out of the year that women feel that it is socially acceptable to dress as slutty as they feel. Orlando with it’s warm, sub-tropical weather and abundance of UF alumni makes Halloween a real freak show.
Honestly, the last time I went downtown for Halloween I saw some asshole dressed in black-face and a minstrel costume, then realized that it was someone I had known for years… there is something about the heat and humidity of this town that brings out a crass, offensive sense of humor in everyone. By the end of October we have basically had seven months of summer, so everyone is in full asshole-mode. The bumper stickers explain how pissed-off everyone is, “Welcome to Florida, now go home”. Or even better is the Mexican driving around with the one that says “Welcome to the New World, now go home.”
And everyone is armed, combined with the heat and humidity results in the Stand Your Ground law, which basically says that Floridians can shoot at each other. Thus Halloween has the undertones of a festive riot, with a couple of drunken fights and lots of women wearing virtually nothing.
So, I will take pictures (if I’m not involved) and observe the weirdness up at Will’s Pub, which is hosting the traditional Misfits cover band (8th annual, I think).
I’ll answer one of Savage Love’s readers question again this week since no one has written, again.

I have a straight, 14 year old son, how do I talk to him about internet porno? My sister tells me that the average kid looks at internet porn at age 11!

First off, why are you so certain he is straight? Does he not want to shower with you anymore? Besides for that, he is 14, of course he is looking at internet porn! He probably thinks you’re a prude because you don’t.
By age 11, I am guessing most kids have walked in on their parents playing hide-the-sausage. Hell, by that age Morges had learned not to walk onto the back porch in the middle of the night if she heard her mom and I back there…
Look, there is nothing to worry about, you just have a little too much time on your hands.

Savage Love

Today, we have Mayhem’s Dawn of the Black Hearts, a black metal classic from the very early days of the Norwegian scene.
Dead, is the stage name of the guy on the cover missing part of his head. His suicide note was “Sorry about the mess”, and when Euronymous found the body in the band’s house he did the logical thing and took pictures, ate some and made necklaces out of chunks of skull then called the police.
Dead would carry around a jar with a dead crow inside, occasionally he would open the jar and sniff it. Also, he would bury his cloths with dead things before shows so that he would have the proper smell about him and he was the first to wear corpse paint, because he wanted to look (and smell) like he was dead.
He was 22 when he died, perhaps he was the true Satanist, extinguishing his flame right when it burned the brightest, trying to leave this world at one’s peak. Or maybe he was just really twisted, but he had a profound effect upon black metal. His insanity lent a validity to the scene that helped propel the genre to a global audience.
The weirder aspects that could be called stupid or put-on this guy believed. Death would throw pig and sheep and goat heads into the audience during shows, driving away many show goers. He believed that if you didn’t want to get covered in gore and death then you had no business at a black metal show…

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