Mogwai- Young Team (1997)

Scottish post-rock, claiming that they aren’t post-rock, and one of the better known bands at that. They’ve been around for a long time, and while not my favorite of the genre and this isn’t my favorite among their albums. That said, the riffs are great, high and low tones alternating with intricate guitars playing off one another, this is an album that reminds me of the Roots, Orginax because both albums were the first albums from well-known-unknowns who subsequently became well known. In addition, both came out during that magical era of music, the 1990’s.
Yes I refered to the 90’s as magical, and it’s not just because that was when I first “expanded my mind, with glowing rings of smoke, thoughts not always kind…” (part of a poem given to CCRR in college by an admirer… in the men’s bathroom.) I refer to the 90’s that way because there were tons of new bands and genres and labels and tours. Defiantly a collectible, however, I haven’t felt compelled to purchase it, streaming is good enough; 81%

buy on iTunes, bullshit I know but the era of free downloads is over


Mogwai- Happy Songs for Happy People (2003) & Batcat EP

Scottish post-rock formed back in the 1990’s, the second YouTube post is the track they do with Roky Erickson.
M recommended this band, Wiki has an in-depth article for any who are intrested. I’m going to listen to some of their other albums because there are some rave reviews written about them. Honestly, I was expecting a bit more out of the Roky Erickson track, but this is still a very listenable album.
Also, Batcat was such a hit that a seperate EP was released.

download Happy Songs for Happy People

download batcat