Mono- The Last Dawn (2014)

Post-rock is like pizza. It’s normally pretty good and different everywhere you go. Mono is the Japanese parallel to Pelican, instrumental and brooding, their latest release The Last Dawn is magnificent, easily the best post-rock album of last year. I would say more, dissect the album by song and by sound. But, my mind is cloudy, muddled by the excellent mango, so all I can manage to say, is check it out. It’s an instrumental masterpiece that suits the Monday morning session quite nicely.


Mono/ Pelican split (2005)

Today’s selection is the Mono/Pelican split from 2005, epic post-rock from Tokyo and Chicago, a classic split if I have ever encountered one. The first song, Ran Amber is classic Pelican and an excellent introduction to the band if one had never heard them before. The second song makes this a collectible in my opinion, the James Plotkin remix of Angel Tears, which is awesome.
The third sound is by Mono, Yearning, which is almost sixteen minutes long and my first introduction to the Tokyo based post-rock quartet. While the song starts off slow, very slow, it picks up and is quite good with a layered, building sound and many different effects and instruments adding to the texture of the song. I am defiantly going to check out their other albums at some point.
Looking on eBay I almost bought the vinyl version of this album, even though I don’t own a record player. This is as exciting a discovery as I could expect out of a split and am quite glad I found it; 90%


Mono’s Wiki article