Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Asking Mom’s Advice and Nordic Metal- A Tribute to Euronymous (1995)

Recently a friend told me about some problems he had been having with his significant other and in the course of the conversation disclosed that he had asked his mom’s opinion, which is like the Genie asking the bottle for advice.
Besides for the wierd factor (there is just something off about asking the hole you came out of to try and help you get into another hole), there are a couple of subtle psychological points that my friend missed;
First, asking one’s mom for advice indicates a lack of confidence and women can sense that the same as a shark can sense blood in the water. Besides for that there is the other aspect that women naturally don’t get along and the wife and mother-in-law relationship is always toxic because they are both vying for control of the same male, so sooner or later it is going to be like a pair of pit-bulls fighting over a cat.
Like red enrages a bull, a husband talking excessively to his mother angers a wife and the reason is because mothers always want their son to be closest to themselves and want the wife’s influence kept to a minimum, and wives know this too. Wives want to be bent over and treated like the sluts that they are naturally, however, not by the guy who just asked his mommy for advice, it ruins the image the woman wants to have of the man that’s railing her.
Women and sharks are both primitive creatures. Sharks go a little crazy when there is blood in the water because their main purpose is to eat and their minds are geared towards eating. Women’s minds are designed for raising children, sex and controlling men, thus mother-in-laws influence undermines their entire existence. That is why wives go crazy around their mother-in-laws, the male has to keep the situation in perception though; If he has successfully house-broken a dog then he has obviously already has the skills manage the situation.

Nordic Metal- A Tribute to Euronomous (1995)
When Varg Vikerness (Burzum) killed Euronomous in Norway in 1994 this was the compilation that was in the works at the time. Darkthrone and Burzum withdrew their tracks when it became a tribute to Euronomous, very interesting story, but for another time (since I am already way late on posting this because of last nights Black Tusk and Municipal Waste show, which I will review later this week).

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