OM- Pilgrimage (2007)

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been delayed as I have had a busy week because oddly enough the Angry Ginger decided to move in, so next week my profound advice will resume. Until then I have post already prepared;
Yes, more OM, I’ve been on a kick and listening to them almost constantly. Perfect session music, droning and so hypnotic it is psychedelic, “You get higher listening to this” -RK.
Al Cisneros is on bass and vocals and Chris Haikus is on drums, so this is most of the band Sleep, but with a focus on meditative rock/drone. Sleep is a hard act to follow, but OM lives up to and surpasses the legacy and explores new territory strongly influenced by Tibetan chant.
Absolutely sick, I don’t think this music will ever get “old”.

“What’s weirder than jacking-off in a port-o-potty is working around a bunch of sweaty Mexicans with a hard-on”

download pilgrimage


Om- Advaitic (2012)

Om is the some sort of Hindu sound or symbol, but the band is basically the band Sleep minus one member. The songs are formed along the lines of Tibetan chant, played as two-piece, stoner-doom. It sounds odd, but they pull it off well, making great session albums that have a trance quality that begs to be left on repeat in the background.

download Advatic