Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday – Orlando, City of the Half-Ass and Propast- Věstnik Preispodnji (2013)

Orlando is the town of the half-assed. It’s true. Everything here is done almost all the way. The heat and humidity permeate people’s souls to the point that the last 5% of any project becomes an enormous hurtle that never seems to get done. It doesn’t matter if the project is inside and in the air conditioning, the swamp seems to leave brain residue.
Everywhere I go in this city I see shit that’s mostly done. The commuter train doesn’t run on weekends and only twice in the middle of the day. Repairs on houses and buildings are finished, except for being painted. Bondo, tri-colored cars and tarps as permanent roofing are all the fashion in this town. And paddle boards.
UCF gives a Salt Life sticker and a paddle board with every degree earned. Every half-asser in the greater Orlando area has a paddle board. It’s really the perfect activity for the someone who wants a sense of gratification with a minimal amount of skill and effort. I guess standing on a ten foot by three foot piece of foam holding a broken kayak paddle takes some skill and coordination, but so does walking.
And, after writing all this crap about Orlando being the land of the half ass, I realize this post is a week late. Whatever. It’s warm here and at least everything is mostly done… it’s like we’re waiting for an invasion of ambitious people to come and finish everything.

Propast is Serbian black metal, pure and raw. Blast beats, vocals shrieked in Serbian, tremolo guitar riffs, 90% and highly recommended.