Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; the high school play and Ostots- Arantzen Putzuan (2013)

There is a subtle psychology that is revealed with selection of the play You Can’t Take It With You for the high school play. Evidently the drama teacher is haunted by dirty thoughts concerning her students because the only notable aspect of the play is the repeated mention of sex. Which is surprising in and of itself because the drama teacher is so old I would have thought that those ideas would have faded long ago… Not really sure where I’m going with this one other than I’m going to barf if I find out some high school kid has been poking that old drama teacher.

Ostots is a basque black metal band that is pretty good. 89%.


Legos Lord Of The Rings on iPad is great too


End of the Year Rhinocervs Extravaganza

Rhinocervs is purist Black Metal. Raw and embodying the spirit of the original black metal of the early 1990’s. Today’s post is a collection of Rhinocerves albums, and my narrative has been cut short due to an emergency service call that just came in. So, until next year, enjoy.

dl RH 11
dl RH 12
dl RH 13
dl RH 14
dl RH 15
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Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; People With Too Much Time and Rhinocervs RH-14 (2012)

A big problem has arisen, huge really, of people worrying about things that don’t affect them, and global communications has vastly compounded this problem. Like last year when all those goat herders in Afghanistan got butt-hurt because some jerk-off in Gainesville was burning the Koran; I am guessing most of those rioters lacked and still lack indoor plumbing… If someone is sharing a bathroom with their livestock then they don’t need to be worried about what someone half a world away is doing with their time… That mentality ensures that those people will be shitting with their goats FOREVER.
The inverse observation of this is that I have never worried that people half a world away are crapping with their goats, and I’m still OK… It’s like my dad telling me the other day that everyone should have to have a reason to own a firearm… Right after he got done shooting his revolver… In his backyard shooting range… Just before he told me that I could leave if I didn’t agree with him…
Life is short and there are plenty of things that need to be done, there is no need to go around looking for problems. In fact, those that concern themselves with with things that don’t affect them are likely the last people who should be giving out advice because they aren’t keeping themselves busy.
If someone is spending their time worrying about what other people are doing and ignoring obvious problems around them, then that person (obviously) doesn’t have anything logical to state. It’s like those moron goat herders worrying about that Jebus Nut in Gainesville; don’t worry about homeboy and go find some clay to make some pipes so that you’re not crapping with your goats tomorrow morning.
Some people need to be told everything.

For the black metal section of today’s post we have Rhinocervs and one of last years best demos; RH-14. Raw black metal from Southern California with untitled tracks and unnamed artists so that the focus is on the music. No agenda, no message, just lo-fi black metal.


And for those who are low;

dl 14