Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Covelo and Sannhet- Known Flood (2013)

Here in Central Florida there is an unusually large population of Yankees (peoples originating north of the Mason-Dixon Line). The Angry Ginger claims that they are the Yankees who couldn’t cut it in New York.
Covelo, California was a magical place, remote and mountainous with only one road into the valley during the winter, 28 miles off US 101 in the middle of an Indian reservation. With a population of less than 2,000 there are two types of people in Round Valley; Indians and everyone else.
A friend moved there in 2005 when it truly was the Wild West, the mine had shut down years before and Mendocino as a county was suffering economically. There wasn’t even a bar for the Indians to get drunk at, that is, until Proposition 215 . That changed everything, suddenly scores of young men were drawn to this desolate valley earning ridiculous incomes with virtually no law enforcement short of federal DEA agents flying over head in blacked-out helicopters. The sheriff’ department took over an hour to respond to 911 calls, on a good day. The tribal police only responded to calls concerning nonIndians if there was an excessive amount of gunfire.
Never did I see a Yankee out in The Valley, not once was I threatened by some Yankee clown disapproving of my driving habits, threatening to “fuck your shit up” out of a cracked car window.
The Angry Ginger is correct, they couldn’t cut it in New York and that is why they fled to Florida. A flood of Loser-Refugees that calls 911 when anyone yells back at them, flowing down Interstate 95 like a great exodus of human sewage.
Honestly, the only proper way to respond to these asshole Yankees is to ignore them. It is like a toddler having a temper tantrum, acknowledging their bad behavior only encourages more bad behavior. Also, that way door-wacking momentum works against the loud-mouth idiot approaching a vehicle (as the Professor once demonstrated to good effect).

Today we have Sannhet’s Known Flood, which is instrumental, exprimental, post-rockish/shoegaze black metal. Released February of this year this freshman full length album is good, but the atmospheric style has already been well played and charging $7 for a digital download seems unrealistic and conceited. Too many looped background noises and too much of the musical territory has already been trampled by similar bands in recent years, though not bad per se, it earns a solid C score of 75%.