The Carpet Knights- According to Life (2009)

   Here, as promised, is one of the Space bands mentioned in the ØSC biography on Last FM;

   The Wiki article is in Swedish, which gives you an idea of how mainstream this band is, but the Last FM article is in English and gives this bio;
“The Carpet Knights from Malmö was formed in the autumn of ‘98. The band has gone through some member changes but are since 2002 a tight unit. In the creative process inpiration is gather from a wide variety of music which have given the band a broad and experimental sound, everything from rock, prog, psych and folk is part of the repertoire. The timeline of the influences spans over four decades. The Carpet Knights have been described “A band with a big variability and a musical ability that takes the listener beyond his own mind and into a world that reigned by The Carpet Knights.”
Granted this isn’t a group that really grabs me, the music is a bit too specialized for my tastes but it’s interesting and a good obscure album for the archives.