Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Psychology of Monday Night Football and Troll (1995)

I am not trying to be abrasive. No, really I’m not. But I am up here at Ollie’s having a bite to eat and Monday Night Football came on. It became clear that the three obese gentlemen at the bar were here for Monday Night Football, or the Plague, as I will henceforth refer to it. The three manage to find excuses to touch each other’s hands about every 100 seconds under the guise of overwhelming joy that men thousands of miles away had progressed multiple feet down a grassy field. They average one beer every 10 minutes, pissing a proportionate amount, without washing their hands (none of them spend enough time in the bathroom to both pee and wash their hands). All three of them have wedding bands on too. Essentially, they touch two other men’s hands six times, then go touch their units, then come back to touch their mouths’ and other men’s hands six more times… They touch each other’s shoulders and give each other high fives, dude… Maybe I am just an asshole, but it seems pretty fruity. I haven’t consulted Pink Velvet for a fruit-factor rating but I would guess it is quite high with those three.
I do not understand what connection there is between corporate sporting events and touching other grown men excessively.
It just strikes me as odd. I’m going to get out of here before they try and give me high-5’s, cross streams or some other weird shit like that.
I guess my responce to Hank Williams Jr’s question is, “No, I am not ready for Monday Night Football.” Thanks though.

Here we have Troll, , from 1995. Obscure symphonic black metal from 1995, I decided to post this demo because I was looking through all the bands Hellhammer has been and is in, and this was one that I had not heard of, so it looked like a good post.
Troll hails from Norway originating in 1992 as a solo project that has picked up and lost other members over time. For this first demo Nagash is the sole member playing all the instruments. Blast beats, temblo guitars riffs and screamed lyrics from the time of True Norwegian Black Metal and quite obscure, definitely for the collector of old black metal.
This is a demo that emerged during the golden age of black metal, the songs and riffs parallel other bands of the same era, not duplicates or covers, just good original Norwegian Black Metal.

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