Ufomammut -Oro – Opus Primum (2012)

I saw that this was out the other day over at TheLivingDoorway and he seems more hyped on it than I am.
They are an Italian band that has been around forever, playing their own twisted version of psychedelic space rock, which some songs sound pretty good. Like this first YouTube video, but then there are others like the second video, which is ok, but really sounds like they had a couple too many duster hits while playing that song.
Which is cool and all, don’t get me wrong, I’m not above a duster hit or two, I mean life is about expanding ones horizons, right? But whole songs that are obviously influenced by inhalatants don’t sound good to anyone else. The Grateful Dead already proved this.
Even with a couple of questionable tracks it is still a decent release and one of the few notable albums that have come out this summer.
HERE is another half-assed review and a link to download.