Down South Hustlers: Bouncin’ and Swingin’ (1995)

Today’s selection is Down South Hustlers, a compilation from No Limit records from 1995 featuring a who’s who of the southern rap scene at the time; UGK, Dayton Family, Silk the Shocker, C-Murder, DJ Screw, Eightball & MJG, Master P, Mr. Serv-On, King George and more. Obscure, underground and virtually unheard of outside of the Deep South, it still isn’t even on iTunes.
Some of the best rap of the mid-90’s, this compilation is from a time when these artists were unknown, people would ask, “Who’s Master P?”, a funny question now, but these collaborations laid the ground work that propelled southern gangsta rap to a global audience. This is from a time when Master P was actually good.
Defiantly a classic and a must have for the digital library, 90%.

dl CD1

dl CD2


U.G.K.- Ridin’ Dirty (1996)

A southern rap classic, Ridin’ Dirty is Underground Kingz best selling album, a duo from Huston and a scene heavily effected by syzrup (liquid codeine and Sprite) with an emphasis on smooth flowing music which has resulted in a number of artists originating from this scene (Devon the Dude, DJ Skrew, Bun B, Pimp C, etc). I remember Yakke and RK playing this tape back in high school, it was a great album then and still is today, indefinably playable and a perfect introduction to southern rap; 93%.
Today, is Hitler’s birthday, also.