Wreck And Reference- Black Cassette (2011)

Experimental noise/doom from California with psychedelic lo fi influences, I stumbled across this on Bandcamp the other day.
This album has a rich texture and lacks the over-produced, overly clean, sterile sound that record labels generate now. Available for free via Bandcamp, this album has a quality and relaxed sound to it that one normally only hears at practice sessions. Not too experimental and not too doom this is a great release that doesn’t sit squarely in any genre. Good music for traveling and zoning out with headphones in a room full of strangers, not session music or to be listened to in rush hour traffic; it has jangly edges like hardcore and math rock and the last three seconds of the last song imply someone is a fan of screamo. But like I said, good aspects are incorperated into a very listenable album that rates an 86%.

streaming and free download on Bandcamp